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Synonyms for ague

a fit of shivering or shaking

successive stages of chills and fever that is a symptom of malaria

a mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation

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"Ague" is what the state's early white settlers called it.
A catchy rhyme soon circulated in the East: "Don't go to Michigan, that land of ills; The word means ague, fever, and chills." Those who ignored this warning soon came face to face with malaria's symptoms.
The author agues that the two-state solution has been eliminated as a practical solution due to illegal expansion of Jewish settlements that dismembered the West Bank rendering it unfit for a viable and stable state.
As a half-brother to Larkhill Jo (Staplers Jo-Westmead Flight) he brings a cross that has worked well previously with Tina At Last, whose May 2001 litter by Larkhill Jo's son Droopys Kewell included the Northern Oaks heroine Bower Agues and Sussex Puppy Trophy winner Young Deal.
DAVID McKnight BSc MSc has some pretty good scientific credentials and when he agues about global warming (Letters, Tuesday)I suppose we ought to listen to his views.
Such mention of agues did not disappear when the coldest years of the Little Ice Age began.
Nearly all the vicars of coastal "marsh parishes" answered no to the first question (Dobson lists 28 such parishes from the counties of Essex and Kent), and gave reasons such as "the place is so very Agueish," "frequently taken with agues and fevers," "the Thames having a very foul shore in this parish ...
While a variety of diseases were cited as causes of death in the marshy, low-lying regions, many of then were classified as "fevers" or "agues" due to the bad air.
Their sound probes every possibility, one number using only soprano and sopranino horns toying with ear-ringing pitches, another totally spontaneous but still subject to their special vocabulary of instructional hand signals, each player giving his colle agues surprise directions.
He advises readers to avoid thinking of social media only as a marketing tool and agues that the enterprise's social media program should not be managed solely by the marketing department.
Michigan-based mathematical psychologist Stokes agues for a view of the self as a field of pure consciousness, and draws unorthodox conclusions about the self and its relations to the physical body and the physical world.
He agues that most misunderstanding of Derrida stems from a failure to read his actual work, and explains some passages that have been important in the reception of his work.
All questions, he agues, even those that appear to be merely repeated, have much to do with both the representational and the persuasive functions of language: they may involve addressees, call attention to discrepancies in power, allow the speaker to be ironic or satiric, promulgate ambiguity and vagueness, or serve other functions.
The event raised pounds 2,750 from trance fees, raffles and auctions with proceeds to be ploughed back into assroots football and certain donations ing to Eastham and District Junior ague and Wirral Junior Mini Soccer ague.
Ague, a coauthor of the report appearing in the Nov.