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Synonyms for ague

a fit of shivering or shaking

successive stages of chills and fever that is a symptom of malaria

a mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation

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In fact, it is agued that instead of Islam helping find solution to problem, it introduced another set of social problems.
Commentators in the media have agued that China's engagement with Africa is largely exploitative, but the overall opinion amongst Africans is that China provides more benefits than it does harm.
If we return to Buckley's question, what kind of man was a member of the ASE; it can be agued that the skilled of the Dunedin branch are best understood in terms of eclecticism of skill.
[14] Castle has agued that "Fielding's eminently 'enlightened' approach to the world, his yearning for categorical distinctions and differences (particularly with regard to sex)" produced his "curious obsession" with Hamilton (The Female Thermometer, 16).
I've agued that a Blu-ray player could soon be your only set-top box.
AK Dogar further agued he had no affiliation with any political party and he had filed petition against Mian Nawaz Sharif in the past.
On the other hand, Reagan's Secretary of State, George Shultz, agued that diplomacy and force cannot be completely separated, and insisted that power and diplomacy always go hand-in-hand and a diplomatic effort not backed by strength is ineffectual.
Some have agued that immigration could maintain a youthful age structure despite demographic change, (6) an argument that seems to have influenced public attitudes to immigration.
As Tabucchi has agued, when a writer succeeds in making any theme come alive on the page, that is to say, when whatever topic the author has chosen 'divent[a] metafora di una vita intera'--when, I would interject, the writer succeeds in making microcosm and macrocosm reverberate in each other--this is when the creative writer 'ha svolto il suo compito; ha realizzato il suo impegno' (p.
As in the drug policy debate, it is sometimes agued that the user is an indispensable link: without the user, there are no dealers.
In that case, the United States agued that Nicaragua's complaint against it should be deemed inadmissible because the Court could not adequately determine what was occurring on the ground in Central America.
As Samuelson agued long ago, a higher interest rate will lead economic actors to avoid roundabout modes of production.
This is recognised even by nonbehavior analytic writers such as Halbwachs (1992), who agued that historical memory (i.e., transmitted) is not as rich and personally meaningful as autobiographical memory (e.g., experienced).
It was fundamentally for this reason that Blair kept Brown at the Treasury in 2001 when many of the Prime Minister's supporters agued that he should be moved or even sacked.