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Synonyms for aground

Antonyms for aground

stuck in a place where a ship can no longer float


References in classic literature ?
Providence had stood by me this fur all right, but I was hard and tight aground now.
The Boussole, which went first, ran aground on the southerly coast.
Now go ahead and get aground before a steady breeze comes up and spoils the manoeuvre.
'Go about,' Captain Munster yells at me; 'go about, or you'll have me aground!' He yelled other things, much worse.
But here I had like to have suffered a second shipwreck, which, if I had, I think verily would have broken my heart; for, knowing nothing of the coast, my raft ran aground at one end of it upon a shoal, and not being aground at the other end, it wanted but a little that all my cargo had slipped off towards the end that was afloat, and to fallen into the water.
In another part, two large vessels anchored near together were whirled about, and their cables were thrice wound round each other; though anchored at a depth of 36 feet, they were for some minutes aground. The great wave must have travelled slowly, for the inhabitants of Talcahuano had time to run up the hills behind the town; and some sailors pulled out seaward, trusting successfully to their boat riding securely over the swell, if they could reach it before it broke.
(with one red sock on and one wanting), in the bar; where the cheese was cast aground upon a shelf, in company with a mouldy tablecloth and a green-handled knife, in a sort of cast-iron canoe; where the pale-faced bread shed tears of crumb over its shipwreck in another canoe; where the family linen, half washed and half dried, led a public life of lying about; where everything to drink was drunk out of mugs, and everything else was suggestive of a rhyme to mugs; The Tilted Wagon, all these things considered, hardly kept its painted promise of providing good entertainment for Man and Beast.
A coastguard emergency tug remained on scene yesterday close to the vessel, known as Coelleira, after it ran aground in the small hours of Sunday morning at the Vee Skerries, near Papa Stour.
Armand Balilo said that the Panamanian-registered cargo vessel that ran aground in the waters of Talisay, Cebu, on Saturday had not spilled oil, although authorities continued monitoring and assessment of the vessel.
A cargo vessel ran aground in the waters off Panglao Island, Bohol's tourism jewel, in the evening of Maundy Thursday.
Summary: Three vessels run aground by high waves in two days
Over a hundred passengers were rescued from a vessel that ran aground off Bisucay Island in Cuyo, Palawan Saturday afternoon, the Philippine Coast Guard said.
A RUSSIAN cargo ship ran aground off the south coast as gale force winds caused chaos across Britain.
A Chinese Coast Guard cutter was spotted on Sunday at Half Moon or Hasa-Hasa Shoal, where a Philippine Navy frigate ran aground last Wednesday.