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the application of soil and plant sciences to land management and crop production

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GAGLIANO DEL CAPO, Italy: Working in an arid Italian field of crumbly soil, agronomists are battling a rampant bacterium that has already infected millions of olive trees and could threaten the entire Mediterranean basin.
Some agronomists confirmed to the Nation that some of the herbicides, including 2,4-D and Roundup, are harmful to human health and farmers should exercise extra caution when handling them."Farmers need to be extra cautious when handling the chemicals and if possible stop using them altogether," said David Koskei, an agronomist based in Eldoret.
'The biggest challenge the farmers have faced in producing potatoes is post-harvest losses, poor quality of seeds and storage, but this will be addressed by the agronomists,' he said.
Around 100,000 tons of ammonium nitrate are imported by Kyrgyzstan annually, while the country's need is only 340 tons, agronomist Turusbek Asanaliyev, Director of Association of Eco-Producers of Kyrgyzstan, said.
These professionals, defined as agronomists (agwonom) or development technicians (teknisyen devlopman), work in the rural communes surrounding the city of Les Cayes in southern rural Haiti and have a social place in the system of relations that characterizes localized development practice.
Hosted by true expert agronomists, Answer Plot events provide the information farmers need in a sales-free environment.
Agronomists will assess the options at an open evening next month.
Agronomists said these rare potatoes belong to the Kohkhral variety.
THERE is an urgent need for new products which work differently to tackle weeds, especially grass weeds such as black grass, according to a major survey by agronomists.
Minister Hajj Hassan noted that agronomists complemented his party's resistance because it all boiled to the issue of remaining in one's land and developing the area economically.
Agronomists have calculated that this equates to about 4.8t/ha, approaching the record 1981/82 yield of nearly 14.5m tons.
If they did, most stated a preference for scientific confirmation of what they saw through the use of laboratory soil tests, and often sought backing of their decisions from agronomists.
Sana'a, June 28 -- The Arab Agronomists' Union held a conference entitled "Improving the Economy of Arab Organic Agriculture" on Saturday with the attendance of representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture and Irrigation from nineteen Arab countries as well as relevant members from different organizations and universities.
Grass, grass silage whole crop, maize, grain and fodder beet all offer opportunities to increase self-sufficiency and reduce costs on many farms, and Keenan UK, with agronomists, has organised the series that starts tomorrow at Haregrove Farm, Laleston, Bridgend, by kind invitation of T Anthony and Sons.