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the application of soil and plant sciences to land management and crop production

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Agronomists studied the organization of the raw material conveyor belt, the biological and ecological features of grasses, the dignity and shortcomings of annual and perennial crops.
Around 100,000 tons of ammonium nitrate are imported by Kyrgyzstan annually, while the country's need is only 340 tons, agronomist Turusbek Asanaliyev, Director of Association of Eco-Producers of Kyrgyzstan, said.
These professionals, defined as agronomists (agwonom) or development technicians (teknisyen devlopman), work in the rural communes surrounding the city of Les Cayes in southern rural Haiti and have a social place in the system of relations that characterizes localized development practice.
That's not what you'll find at an Answer Plot knowledge event hosted by true expert agronomists Answer Plot events provide growers with relevant solutions in a sales-free environment, so instead of visiting an average test plot .
Spunhill agronomist Bryn Thomas said: "Arable trials tend to be run in the east and north of the UK - where the climate is a lot drier and warmer than in Wales.
The conclusions came from a practical field study carried out by 34 agronomists on 21 herbicides that have been introduced to the market since 2001.
Agronomists have calculated that this equates to about 4.
If they did, most stated a preference for scientific confirmation of what they saw through the use of laboratory soil tests, and often sought backing of their decisions from agronomists.
Grass, grass silage whole crop, maize, grain and fodder beet all offer opportunities to increase self-sufficiency and reduce costs on many farms, and Keenan UK, with agronomists, has organised the series that starts tomorrow at Haregrove Farm, Laleston, Bridgend, by kind invitation of T Anthony and Sons.
JACMEL, Haiti- Peasant organizers, agronomists and leaders of dozens of reforestation projects from across this country of bare mountains met for three days in early July to learn from each other and mobilize to save Haiti's devastated natural environment.
New China rice strain sets record: Chinese agronomists have set a new world record for rice yields with a variety known as the 'Super Rice II YOU 28'.
Journal of Plant Interactions' is targeted to plant biologists, ecologists, microbiologists, agronomists, landscape architects and environmental engineers and is published to carry research and reviews dealing with the interaction between plants and their surrounding environment.
The export market demands higher standards than the domestic market, and the farmers employ four agronomists to help them meet these.
His experiments were considered bizarre and even grotesque when he began them in the 1930s: He tells us, ``Orthodox agronomists called it plant incest.
For decades, agronomists, have known that conventional plowing isn't entirely beneficial," says Dan Towery, a natural resources specialist with the Conservation Technology Information Center in West Lafayette, Indiana, "but farmers were reluctant to change [for fear] of reduced yields.