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the application of soil and plant sciences to land management and crop production

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Along with minority partner, agronomist Curtis MacKinnon, B.
In many instances, multiple agronomists were employed by participants in order to obtain advice in specific areas such as soil, crop management, or pastures.
In the 1920s, Heinzen tells us, these surveyors and agronomists are still out in the field doing this work.
In a presentation at the First International World Congress on Conservation Agriculture, held in October 2001, agronomist Roll Derpsch said the United States has the largest area of no-till in one country, with 21.
The training and accrediting is a major exercise initiated and maintained by SARDI, which has allowed us to introduce the concept of DNA testing, and upgrade the skills of the agronomists in terms of cereal root disease generally.
Information is disseminated in real time through the McCain AgNet, a web-based proprietary information system connected to the company's 100-plus agronomists and other agricultural personnel around the world.
At Santiago's University of Chile, agronomists learn in modern laboratories.
Rather than growing and then counting species and numbers of bacteria from a soil sample in the lab, agronomists James Borneman and Eric W.
texana, a plant some agronomists think holds tremendous genetic potential.
Maverick agronomists light up the front page of The Atlantic with their esoteric crop-management theories.
Operating under this agreement, S&W's agronomists have received proprietary plant materials from PureCircle and have started cultivation of stevia plants.
Over the past two growing seasons, Abbott has worked with cooperative agronomists in locations around the country to incorporate starter fertilizers, including new CHS XLR-rate[sup.
The Peanut GrowNotes module is a great technical resource for both agronomists and growers, particularly the younger people in our industry who are seeking detailed and up-to-date agronomic management information to broaden their knowledge and experience, Mr Crosthwaite said.
Kyrgyz agronomists will be able to receive training in the United States.
The company also plans to add a number of positions over the next five years, including agronomists, research scientists, production technicians and sales professionals.