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an expert in soil management and field-crop production

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"The Leccino and Favolosa varieties are a starting point, not the finish line," said agronomist La Notte, who works for Italy's National Research Council.
The agronomist said the best solution is through drip irrigation, which uses minimal water but is costly to put up.
The sentiments were shared by agronomist George Otieno of Agri-Tech who argues that the herbicide has no health effects so long as one observes the specified instructions when using it."The herbicide has been in the market for decades and I have never heard of anyone who has developed respiratory, skin or any other health problem as a result of the use of this chemical," said Mr Otieno.
Critique: An impressively written, organized, and presented work of seminal scholarship, "Varro the Agronomist: Political Philosophy, Satire, and Agriculture in the Late Republic" is enhanced with the inclusion of six appendices, a twenty-two page Bibliography, an eight page Index Locorum, and a thirty-five page General Index.
Caption: Andre Compion (left) the 2014 Master Agronomist and Namibian Agronomic Board Member, and Fred Mwabi, the 2014 Zambezi Dryland Maize Champion.
Around 100,000 tons of ammonium nitrate are imported by Kyrgyzstan annually, while the country's need is only 340 tons, agronomist Turusbek Asanaliyev, Director of Association of Eco-Producers of Kyrgyzstan, said.
The purpose is for the agronomist to "learn the field" (aprann teren an).
Wael al-Halqi said that restoring security and stability to al-Qseir area is a ''strategic turning point and a prelude to successive victories all over Syria, and marks the failure of the conspiracy and those who backed the armed terrorist groups financially or morally.'' Al-Halqi's remarks came during a meeting of the ministerial committee tasked with implementing the political program for solving the crisis in Syria with members of the Veterinarians Syndicate and the Syndicate of Syrian Agronomist Engineers on Wednesday.
Starbucks has purchased a 240=acre farm in order to turn it into a "global agronomist center" for research and development, reports The Wall St.
Spunhill agronomist Bryn Thomas said: "Arable trials tend to be run in the east and north of the UK - where the climate is a lot drier and warmer than in Wales.
Since 2001, Wilson has served as Cooperative Extension Service rice agronomist and was based at the Rice Research & Extension Center.
Virtual Agronomist Pro from CropMetrics is a web-based agronomic variable-rate irrigation (VRI) software program that optimally determines and automatically generates center-pivot VRI speed control and VRI zone control prescriptions based on field data layers such as EM/EC, topography, and yield.
Yep, the unnamed 35-year-old agronomist was growing high-grade marijuana in the best soil and sun conditions in the entire region.
As a well respected agronomist, manager and researcher, he has been involved in every aspect of the production and marketing of specialty coffee and sustainable alternatives to create opportunities for producers in countries of origin.