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an expert in soil management and field-crop production

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Wegner still likes to visit test plots to see new hybrids "in the flesh" and have one-on-one visits with a company agronomist, but sees added value in the VPT.
Lead by renowned agronomists Gil Arbel and Max Muland, the Kitoko Food Farm is the first in a number of high-tech, practical and sustainable fresh food and vegetable farms to be established as part of the project.
Al-Halqi's remarks came during a meeting of the ministerial committee tasked with implementing the political program for solving the crisis in Syria with members of the Veterinarians Syndicate and the Syndicate of Syrian Agronomist Engineers on Wednesday.
Agronomists offer on-going support to interpret field data collected around the clock.
The Global Agronomy team will also support and review commercial trial activities around the world through the Agrinos Global R&D agronomists for the Americas and EMEA & Asia, who now report to Austin.
Caption: Andre Compion (left) the 2014 Master Agronomist and Namibian Agronomic Board Member, and Fred Mwabi, the 2014 Zambezi Dryland Maize Champion.
The soil continues adsorbing a huge amount of chemicals," the agronomist said.
In the field (sou teren an), the agronomist or technician working in development is expected to represent science and introduce scientific techniques to the "traditional" peasantry, as explained in a follow-up interview with a U.
Agronomists will assess the options at an open evening next month.
Since 2001, Wilson has served as Cooperative Extension Service rice agronomist and was based at the Rice Research & Extension Center.
Virtual Agronomist Pro from CropMetrics is a web-based agronomic variable-rate irrigation (VRI) software program that optimally determines and automatically generates center-pivot VRI speed control and VRI zone control prescriptions based on field data layers such as EM/EC, topography, and yield.
Yep, the unnamed 35-year-old agronomist was growing high-grade marijuana in the best soil and sun conditions in the entire region.
Four years ago, skeptics asked agronomist Wade Barnes if he thought starting a company to help farmers increase their crop yields through cropland soil management was a good business idea.
As a well respected agronomist, manager and researcher, he has been involved in every aspect of the production and marketing of specialty coffee and sustainable alternatives to create opportunities for producers in countries of origin.
He worked as an agronomist for Cornell University, where he developed six soil manuals for the federal government.