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of or relating to or promoting agronomy


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1] (Jirka and Tomlinson 2014), which is agronomically not affordable based on suggested high application rates (5-20 t [ha.
In the short term, selection and domestication of healthy, nutritious and agronomically geared up underutilized GLVs is suggested.
In this context, the tissue culture of plants associated with genetic engineering techniques has been widely used to obtain agronomically improved cultivars.
In the 1950s, the US built an extensive system of irrigation canals that turned large tracts of the Southern Helmand desert into a flourishing agrarian economy, attracting migrant populations and tying them into agronomically stable communities.
Mr Kendal said: "The launch of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment in 2009, which the report strangely fails to acknowledge as well as the good work farmers are doing as part of the scheme, has had a real impact in helping farmers and growers decide how they might best retain and increase the environmental benefits provided by their farmland in a targeted and agronomically sensible way.
Other good topics for discussion include that Arabidopsis is a member of the mustard family (Brassicaceae) and is related to broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, as well as how information learned from studying Arabidopsis can be applied to agronomically important crops.
These studies are very important to identify genetically diverse, agronomically superior accessions for the improvement of mustard as a crop and also to enable gene banks to unambiguously characterize and avoid confusions arising out of duplications and mishandling.
These data suggest that there may be an environmental consequence of producing pasture at the agronomically optimum STP concentrations and this consequence must be considered when planning future water quality targets in catchments where agriculture is important.
So far, the weaknesses of the current food-production system have been compensated for agronomically through greater and greater inputs of fossil fuels and other resources, but those efforts have only worsened the ecological impact.
maize lines that were resistant to aflatoxin, but those lines were not agronomically attractive," says Brown.
Spiders are the main natural enemies of pest insects in some agroecosystems, which makes them agronomically significant (Riechert & Lockley 1984).
Further area expansion is agronomically feasible according to the Indonesian Oil Palm Research Institute (IOPRI), which estimated that some 18 million hectares of land are suitable for oil palm plantations.
In this study, PCL exhibited a potent antifungal activity towards four commonly agronomically harmful fungi, suggesting PCL might play an important role against fungal infections in plants.
This coupled with it being an encironmentally safe, agronomically advantageous, and soil enriching material makes its use very attractive.
In any case, that is not its purpose; it is to make the seeds agronomically unviable in order to ensure seed sales.