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of or relating to or promoting agronomy


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Agronomical data were analyzed through analyses of variance (ANOVA) and Scott-Knott mean tests (P<0.05).
Because 3D-printed crops are not modified at the genetic level, they could offer enhanced agronomical traits without the stigma of genetic modification.
The nitrate reductase enzyme activity presented a positive correlation with the vigour tests of the produced seeds and with the agronomical traits.
Investigation in these areas to correlate agronomical and technological factors for extra virgin avocado oil is strongly recommended.
The experiment was conducted in a no-tillage system in the municipality of Guarapuava, PR, during the agronomical crop years of 2015 and 2016.
Neutral mild-humic cover, which is abundant on parcels I of both JEA and KEA, has excellent agronomical properties.
This initiative is the first of its kind launched by a fertilizer producer in Africa, bringing latest soil testing innovations and effective agronomical training to serve the needs of farmers across the continent.
(2.) Departament of Biology, Center of Agronomical Sciences, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, 29500-000 Alegre --ES, Br;,
The data obtained by the authors contribute to the understanding of how agronomical practices impact the plant-associated microbiota, an essential step toward the design of new sustainable agricultural production systems based on plant growth-promoting bacteria.
Effects of agronomical practices on chemical composition of table grapes evaluated by NMRspectroscopy.
After the commercial classification it was reported that the best agronomical option is the management of sprouts for cultivation with four sprouts per plant, which stood out from the other treatments.
This result indicated that both the agronomical and pest management treatments were effective.
CEN Biotech is an early stage Canadian biopharmaceutical company founded to integrate agronomical and pharmaceutical principles for the purposes of growing, selling, processing and delivering pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana in its pure and extracted form to patients in accordance with Health Canada's newly-formed Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.
According to [4], rice yield loss was about 30 percent due to the submergence condition and if this loss can be reduced to less than 10 percent through agronomical treatment, then it has high significant contribution for farmers and increment of national rice production.