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of or relating to or promoting agronomy


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Combined effect of technical, meteorological and agronomical factors on solid-set sprinkler irrigation.
Precision farming is supported with a set of tools to produce application maps considering various sets of inputs from ground and air based sensors, such as soil map analysis, agronomical information, nutrient maps, yield maps and other layered live and historical remote sensing data.
This necessitates the adoption of agronomical practices that minimize Fusarium infestation in the growing fields.
Studies with molecular markers have made significant contributions to our understanding of genetic diversity; when compared with other types of markers, they present a greater number of polymorphic loci, which allows distinguishing between accessions that may have similar morphological and agronomical traits (GONCALVES et al.
Now the International Centre of Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) based in Syria but with centres in 15 countries, and the Institute of Agronomical Research (INRA), part of the Moroccan ministry of Agriculture, together with a regional office for agronomic values in the central Tadla region have introduced earlier sowing in the beginning of November, a month before the conventional date.
For this, Cecafe will need to send agronomical technicians to the schools to utilize the computers and give various presentations on improved agricultural practices.
Plant Production, Sector Horticulture, Agronomical Sciences College, Sao Paulo State University, Botucatu-SP 18.
Vieira SR, Hatfield JL, Nielsen DR, Biggar JW (1983) Geoestatistical theory and application to variability of some agronomical properties.
Tests made on BioTelo Agri show that we get the same agronomical parameters and productivity as for plastic mulch films and in some cases, even better results.
Tenders are invited for Empanelment Of Agency For Construction Of Green House / Net House / Polyhouse On Turnkey Basis In The State Of Gujarat And Provide Agronomical Services Related With It
The development of adequate agro-technical and storage practices could make this fruit a promising profitable new crop for African countries if it has remarkable agronomical potential that has not fully been appreciated yet.
through its subsidiary BDFC Ethiopia, hires Brazilian coffee expert -- Agronomical Engineer Joao Romero to manage development of Babiya Farm.
The program will entail more than 100 technical agronomical meetings throughout the State, focusing on the methodology to produce high quality coffee while protecting the environment.
2006) evaluated the performance of the CLIGEN model in generating the climatic elements to utilize as input parameters for hydrological and agronomical models, comparing the generated values of climatic elements with the observed values.