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science of soils in relation to crops

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If you are a high school student considering a career as an agrologist, you should have strong marks or an interest in:
Other professions regulated before the early 1960s include various accounting professions, and a number of other organized occupational groups, such as music teachers, agrologists, forestry professionals, and so on.
Bill Strautman, the Western Producer's resident Agrologist, notes that lower glyphosate costs prompted by patent expirations have supported prairie farmers' more economical use of direct seeding.
AdFarm maintains a full-time employee to provide weekly updates to staff on local growing conditions, weather alerts, market outlooks, new products and programs and much more--a wide-ranging position AdFarm calls "Staff Agrologist." "I highlight trends in the markets, pass on information about field conditions and touch on global demand for North American agricultural products," says Shannon Warren, AdFarm's agrologist.
Growers were promised average compensation of $8,100 an acre, an amount even agrologists admitted was insufficient to cover replanting costs.
Jack belonged to numerous organizations: the International Soil Tillage Research Organization, which included a term as President; the Ontario Institute of Agrologists; and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.
The 2011 top awards went to: Kevin Clement who was given the Spirit of Dairy Award; Nicole Charlton who earned the Ontario Plowmen's Association Outstanding Agricultural Member and the Ontario Agrologists leadership awards; Sydney Cain who won the Top Novice Member Award; Emily Summerhayes who earn the Intermediate Spirit and Friendship Award; and Lesleigh Elgie who won the Heather Linington Memorial Scholarship Award.
In late August, after the Association of the Chemical Profession of British Columbia (ACPBC) received approvals from the Ministry of Environment and the Register of Societies accepting the bylaw changes, ACPBC members became eligible as professional chemists to apply and take the examination as a Contaminated Sites Approved Professional in British Columbia, making them the full equals of engineers, geoscientists, agrologists and biologists.
(2007), "The Biofuels Frenzy: What's in it for Canadian Agriculture?", Green paper prepared for the Alberta Institute of Agrologists.
He is a member on the honour roll of the Canadian Agricultural and Farm Management Society, a life member of the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists and a fellow of the Agricultural Institute of Canada.
Buck has been recognized for his achievements in horticulture with numerous awards since 1977, including the Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Medal 1977, Alberta Horticulture Association Centennial Gold Medal 1981, Entomological Society of Canada Norman Criddle Award 1981, Alberta Institute of Agrologists, The Distinguished Agrologists Award 1988 to name a few.
Consulting agrologists can assist producers in developing, implementing and monitoring their plans and are an excellent resource to producers.
In 1977, in the magazine's special agricultural issue, an article by the Ontario Institute of Agrologists emphasized the importance of local - food security, and only four years later, in 1981, an author warned of the devastating effects of oil sands development in Alberta.
Environmental employment is characterized by its multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral nature as chemists work hand-in-hand with engineers, technologists, agrologists, and a host of other professions.