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of or related to agrology


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He directed the team of Food and Agriculture Organizations to bridge the gap in the development of micro agrological zones.
Information on the geological and agrological structure of Kish Island was obtained by analyzing geological and stratigraphic reports related to Lavan, Khark, and Kish islands.
These polygons have been used to measure the land extension of soils classified in agrological types.
The project is divided into four components: Component 1 covers the development of specialized basic studies of the project and includes field and laboratory activities necessary to perform the engineering work and the evaluation and formulation of the final draft: Diagnosis of the current situation (based on field surveys and reviewing background information); Surveying; Studies of soil mechanics and geotechnical; Studies of soil and water sources; Hydrological study; Agrological Study; Agro Diagnosis; Geological and geomorphological characterization; Execution of reference gauging.