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Synonyms for agricultural

Synonyms for agricultural

relating to rural matters

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Bahrain University College of Engineering chemical engineering department Dr Najat Eshaqi is proposing Bahrain become agriculturally sustainable by introducing rooftop gardens and teaching visitors how to create their own.
Turkey is getting agriculturally depended," ATO chairman Sinan Aygun said.
Instead, they all, tacitly or openly, assent to the handiwork of those who have worked diligently to undermine national sovereignty, with the result that Britain is now industrially and agriculturally neutered, and effectively without a say in its own policy.
ALEPPO, (SANA) _ Aleppo's southern plains irrigation project is expected to develop the plains region agriculturally, economically and socially through the construction of several irrigation networks, Abdulmaguid Al-Massri, director of the upper Euphrates basin branch stated.
The reason we are not self-sufficient agriculturally is because in today's world, Ghanaian farmers are still using cutlasses, axes and hoes
In 2007 we bought 5-1/4 acres in northern Florida, agriculturally zoned, three miles outside town, with power going down our road, for $32,000.
With tips and advice for dealing with the challenges the south faces agriculturally.
Prairie Lands) to assess ways to create a commercially viable market for switchgrass or other similar agriculturally based products to serve as a fuel source for up to 10 percent of the power for the proposed 630 megawatt Sutherland Generating Station Unit 4 in Marshalltown, Iowa.
In its oral decision, the IUB approved IPL's Application for Generation Siting Certificate (Siting Certification) on the conditions that IPL would periodically review the viability of carbon capture and sequestration technology for the proposed power plant with the IUB; the facility would utilize switch grass, corn stalks or other similar agriculturally based products for five and ten percent, respectively, of its fuel source within two and five years, respectively, of the facility becoming operational; ten percent of the company's energy would be derived from renewables by 2013 and IPL would increase the amount of renewables in its energy portfolio by one percent per year for 15 years after the Sutherland Generating Station Unit 4 becomes operational.
Unlike traditional ethanol, which is produced from agriculturally demanding and valuable feed stocks, such as corn, wheat or soy, cellulose or cellulosic ethanol may be produced from a variety of agricultural waste or non- agricultural plants, such as waste wood, sawdust, paper pulp, corn stover and switchgrass.
Drawing inspiration from China, where farmers have practised Tai Chi since the 17th century, it has been visiting organic dairy farms across the country, assigning each a series of easy-to-follow instructions created for the agriculturally minded, with names like 'up with the lark', 'lazily buttoning overalls' and 'arms like tractor wheels" The idea is to make the link between drinking organic milk and a higher state of wellbeing.
France) has patented fungicidal compositions comprising: a) at least one pyridylmethylbenzamide derivative of formula (I), in which the various radicals are as defined in the description, and b) at least one compound (II) chosen from dithiocarbamates, preferably fungicidal dithiocarbamates, and, still more preferably from the following active agents: ferbam, mancopper, mancozeb, maneb, metiram, nabam, nickel bis(dimethyldithio-carbamate), propineb, zineb and mixtures thereof; and their agriculturally acceptable isomers and addition salts with an acid.
These species wouldn't require regular herbicide treatments, irrigation, or fertilization and could be grown on agriculturally abandoned land.
Dreisbach processes, stores and ships fruits, vegetables and fish sourced from the agriculturally rich Pajaro Valley.
If the land was used instead to support livestock, the yield would be much lower and the detrimental effects on the land would soon make it agriculturally unusable.
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