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someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil

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Fernando is an older working-class Osa agriculturalist in La Palma, who grows cacao in his home yard.
The heart of the debate between the activist and agriculturalist is appropriate land use and a general approach to living.
Being an agriculturalist accustomed to weed species in arable fields I had never seen this species before.
An internationally respected agriculturalist, economist, and author, a former Secretary of Agriculture and Vice President during Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal, Wallace left the Democratic Party to mount his 1948 campaign for the Presidency because, he argued, the Democratic and Republican parties had both fallen under the influence of Wall Street.
Leopold wrote 40 of the "how-to" pieces about game management in "A Landowner's Conservation Almanac" (Part I) between 1938 and 1942 for the Wisconsin Agriculturalist and Farmer, a popular farm newspaper.
Sergio Vercellino, a resident of Vagliumina (Biella) and an agriculturalist, I cut, with a scythe, about 3 square metres of grass.
Agriculturalist worry about how much of a response to environmental concerns is enough.
In the 1980s, freelance agriculturalist Don Freepons of Kennewick, Wash.
The studies in Uganda compared Twa hunter-gatherers to their agriculturalist neighbors, the Bakiga.
The Grade II Listed memorial is one of a pair dedicated in 1861 to former Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire and a Justice of Peace Thomas Hartshorne, who was a famous agriculturalist and a well respected local figure.
Majok has also issued an order prohibiting cutting of trees in the forest and to stop cattle from destroying cultivated crops in farms of agriculturalist across the town of Lakes state.
Hays, NDSU agriculturalist, set up a series of 29 one-acre plots in 1892.
He was the son of prominent agriculturalist Roswell Garst who is credited with helping develop the hybrid seed industry as the Western Corn Belt sales agent for Pioneer Hybrid, operating under the name Garst & Thomas.
Agriculturalist, theologian, and biblical archaeologist Guillaume seeks to make biblical exegetes more familiar with ancient farming and its techniques by integrating some of the growing body of knowledge derived from economic studies of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.
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