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someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil

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Pilot Test Cronbach's a Scores for Each Sub-construct and Professional Identity Sub-construct and Professional Identity [alpha] Knowledge of the Profession Educator 0.788 Agriculturalist 0.979 Agricultural Educator 0.989 Philosophy of the Profession Educator 0.649 Agriculturalist 1.000 Agricultural Educator 1.000 Professional Roles and Expertise Educator 0.724 Agriculturalist 1.000 Agricultural Educator 0.971 Attitude Educator 0.855 Agriculturalist 1.000 Agricultural Educator 0.994 Engagement Behaviors Educator 0.783 Agriculturalist 1.000 Agricultural Educator 1.000 Interaction Educator 0.686 Agriculturalist 1.000 Agricultural Educator 1.000 Table 2.
He was a brilliant man in everything he did, whether it be a lawyer (he was a graduate of Harvard), a soldier, a politician, or an agriculturalist. He believed in some of the complaints of the rebels (or patriots as they called themselves) but not to present them through revolution, rather through negotiation.
Further, not only does Thoreau anticipate our contemporary divide on activist versus agriculturalist land use, but he also clearly indicates the depth and permanence of the division through the split between Thoreau the narrator and Thoreau the writer.
She is a former Peace Corps volunteer in Niger and currently works as a New Jersey farmer, with an itch to return to Africa as an agriculturalist. A plus for Camp Sizanani over other contexts in which South African youth learn about HIV/AIDS is that they learned it in a context of trust from people like Erica, who daily demonstrated that they cared about the kids.
The ink was hardly dry on the Dayton peace treaty that brought the Bosnian war to an end when agriculturalist Paul Craig made his first visit to the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, in 1995.
My own lawn, a biological space on which I could practice all that I had learned about crop management (I am an agriculturalist after all).
An internationally respected agriculturalist, economist, and author, a former Secretary of Agriculture and Vice President during Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal, Wallace left the Democratic Party to mount his 1948 campaign for the Presidency because, he argued, the Democratic and Republican parties had both fallen under the influence of Wall Street.
Leopold wrote 40 of the "how-to" pieces about game management in "A Landowner's Conservation Almanac" (Part I) between 1938 and 1942 for the Wisconsin Agriculturalist and Farmer, a popular farm newspaper.
Sergio Vercellino, a resident of Vagliumina (Biella) and an agriculturalist, I cut, with a scythe, about 3 square metres of grass....
Agriculturalist worry about how much of a response to environmental concerns is enough.
* In the 1980s, freelance agriculturalist Don Freepons of Kennewick, Wash., discovered that coating rice seeds with chitosan leads to higher yields of rice.
Fateh, a three-time former MPA from Dera Ghazi Khan, was also the chief of the Buzdar tribe, a feudal lord and an agriculturalist. He was born in Barthi, Dera Ghazi Khan and obtained a MA degree (Political Science) in 1964 from Karachi University.
Regarding his profession, Zardari has revealed that he is an agriculturalist and a businessman.
Borlaug is the only real agriculturalist standing amidst all of these Presidents, CLMKMYIIS and olher great Americans."
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