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Pauper and agricultural labourer, married 1792 (ANNA) MARIA STUBBLES 1763-1852
Ramesh ( name changed) was sold by his agricultural labourer father Arasappa from the small town Nonavinakere near Tiptur.
In India, the typical work of the female agricultural labourer or cultivator is limited to less skilled jobs such as sowing, transplanting, weeding, irrigation, fertilizer application, plant protection, harvesting, winnowing, storing etc.
A senior police officer said the girl's father is an agricultural labourer and works in the field in which her body was found.
Peasant as agricultural labourer or country dweller
When I was a boy my mother was delivering milk from a horse and cart, my father was an agricultural labourer driving a tractor and at times I would collect eggs from the chickens of neighbours when they went on holiday.
Whereas, on an average, a permanent man, woman and child agricultural labourer in the entire sampled villages got work for 355.03, 342.33 and 338.00 man-days respectively, a casual man, woman and child agricultural labourer hired out agricultural labour for 217.00, 135.41 and 109.00 man-days respectively.
They are given this right strictly on the understanding that they will do all in their power to see that the agricultural labourer is put to the best use, and that any surplus on a farm will be moved to another place where it is urgently required.
"He left school before he was 12 and followed in his father's footsteps as an agricultural labourer, working with horses.
An important aspect of this dilemma, which has not been explored and forms the subject of this study, is how government addressed the needs of the other large sector also historically dependent on eking its living from working the land, the hired agricultural labourer.
There may be observations that this collection dealing with the "rural poor" is actually about the agricultural labourer (the two overlap but are not synonymous).
He was an agricultural labourer's son who went on to be the toast of the Royal Navy.
The long-standing tradition stems from a stipulation in the unmarried agricultural labourer's will, which ordered that his field beside the village school be sold and the proceeds put towards the cost of an annual trip to the seaside for pupils.
In the late 1980s, Masters moved to Lyonshall, Herefordshire, where he worked as an agricultural labourer and game keeper, moving from farm to farm.
So far the position of agricultural labourer is concerned they are in no better position than 18th century slaves working on forms in the Southern States of USA.
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