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It was not the life of a prosperous tenant farmer but it was still a good job that was far better than that of an agricultural labourer.
How times have changed - these days social commentators and politicians flippantly use the term 'living in poverty' with little realisation of what real poverty meant to the 18th/19th century agricultural labourer.
Reg started out as an agricultural labourer, but a canny mixture of graft and thrift brought him a couple of farms.
Born in the family of an agricultural labourer in Bihar's Madhepura district, 18- month- old Aditya is suffering from Cushing's Syndrome.
The result is a story, familiar tomany Welsh families, of relocation from rural poverty to the industrial valleys, and from the unrelenting poverty of the agricultural labourer to the grim realities but fatter wages of the iron and coal industries.
Their father, a 38-year-old agricultural labourer, was confirmed dead at the scene.
But in many ways the life of the agricultural labourer was (and probably still is) far more in need of support and solidarity.
Her husband John was an agricultural labourer but in a census return in 1851 is described as 'a pauper.
JOHN ENDALL 1764-1856 Pauper and agricultural labourer, married 1792 (ANNA) MARIA STUBBLES 1763-1852
He worked as an agricultural labourer and sent money home to his wife and five-year-old son.
Mrs Capp, from Grimsby, North Lincolnshire, said her 25-year-old daughter had changed her name from Capp because she hated her father Alfred Capp, an agricultural labourer who left when she was two.
Her mother left her father Alfred Capp, an agricultural labourer, when Maxine - who has an older sister named Hayley - was two.
Ramesh ( name changed) was sold by his agricultural labourer father Arasappa from the small town Nonavinakere near Tiptur.
The 29-year-old agricultural labourer, who pelted John Prescott, belongs to his local hunt and the right-wing Countryside Alliance.
The government is not showing urgency in building and allotting permanent houses," Basava Badiger, an agricultural labourer, says.
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