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I am a child who works as a seasonal agricultural laborer.
They were already among the poorest of households and then there are agricultural laborers particularly women laborers who have been hit with dwindling labour opportunities.
Agricultural laborers may not end up receiving minimum wage, as workers in the sector are to be paid a "flexible" wage.
The Swing Riots--which began in August of 1830 and spread rapidly throughout the South, Southeast, Midlands, and other parts of rural England--represented perhaps the most significant protest by agricultural laborers of the nineteenth century.
Likewise, Howayek said the wages of agricultural laborers have increased to $25 and $30 per day due to their scarcity.
Protesters in Pasco have accused the police department of heavy-handed tactics when dealing with the Hispanic community, many of whom immigrated to the area to work as agricultural laborers.
Villanueva pointed out that in the rural areas, IPs tended to work as agricultural laborers, while in the urban centers they held informal jobs with neither security of tenure or benefits, including health care.
As per Census conducted by the Registrar General of India, the total number of agricultural workers in the country comprising cultivators and agricultural laborers increased from 234.
Lack of education limits many young people's employment prospects, especially women, to poorly paid and often unsafe work like domestic servants, agricultural laborers or factory workers.
In 2011, Human Rights Watch reported that South African agricultural laborers faced exposure to pesticides, suffered from a lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and often did not receive paid sick leave.
The fourth chapter explores women's work--most of it centered on women's domestic roles, but also including work outside the home as domestics, market vendors, agricultural laborers, factory workers, teachers, and professionals.
9:00 General Elections of Sida Union of Agricultural Laborers
He further added that presently farmers and agricultural laborers who are between 18 and 45 years of age are recruited to the Pension Scheme through district offices of Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance Board.
Although migrant workers earn only about $1,500 per year on average, the income gap between them and agricultural laborers provides a powerful incentive for the latter to try to find better-paid non-farm jobs.
Agricultural laborers are exempt from the legislation but those in related jobs such as packing, processing and trucking, would be subject to it.
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