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an advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics

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Either the fish seller or your local County Agricultural Agent should be able to help you here.
As locals condemned the damages demand, agricultural agent Alex Ison, acting for Mr Dennis confirmed he lent police a pounds 5 map of the area.
Your local agricultural agent should be able to help you work out how much to pay for the silage or haylage on a protein per pound basis.
If the tomato is declared a winner by the local agricultural agent, it will be flown to Newark, N.
To determine how to register a brand in your state contact your county agricultural agent.
His background includes stints as county agricultural agent in three Florida counties and as a farm manager both in poultry and in cattle.
Presently, he is a member of the American Society of Animal Sciences, National Association of County Agricultural Agents and the American Registry of Professional Animal Sciences.
In a research studying the role of agricultural agents in Yemen, Belhaj [5] studied the job performance of these extension agents in this country.
At the Systematic Entomology Laboratory [SEL], our mite identifications support APHIS [USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service] plant protection and quarantine efforts, state m agricultural agents, extension agents, and other countries looking for information and help on mite pests that affect their crops--or crops they export to our country," says mite expert Ron Ochoa, an ARS entomologist.
In view of the fact that the farmers in Pakistan are illiterate and have no access to newspapers, research articles and other agriculture related magazines thereof, the farming community is totally dependent on the agricultural agents.
Specifically, PROFIT helps communities select and train agricultural agents who work with agribusiness to provide inputs to farmers in rural areas--places where agribusiness firms had been reluctant to go because they didn't think there was a big enough market.
Martin recently received the Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of County Agricultural Agents.
The agenda included a welcome of participants and statement of purpose for the meeting, initial statement of expectations for the field trips, discussion by medical faculty including students' responses, discussion by agricultural agents including farmers' feedback, followed by unstructured dialog among agents and faculty.
The convention obliges signatories to ban the production and use of nine such chemicals, including agricultural agents, and to cut emissions of dioxin and three other chemicals.
Kline details, through use of internal documents, how frustrated agricultural agents became as they urged farmers to participate in electrification cooperatives and to burn enough electricity to make the lines pay.
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