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Synonyms for agricultural

Synonyms for agricultural

relating to rural matters

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The country's agricultural exports to ASEAN-member countries accounted for 5.
Analysis on the influential mechanism of financial services and fiscal incentives on agricultural production efficiency
For one, Rodriguez said the Agricultural Engineering profession has transformed into Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, a profession which ensures the necessities in life namely: safe and plentiful food to eat; pure water to drink; clean fuel and energy sources; and safe and healthy environment to live.
Shinn (1987) estimated that individual and group instruction within agricultural laboratories can consume one-third to two-thirds of the total instructional time of a typical agricultural education course.
Agricultural holdings have a total of 365,868 LSU, while 56.
Irlbeck and Akers (2009) recommended that agricultural communications programs conduct research to understand employer needs and improvements that can be made to current programs to meet those needs.
Exports of agricultural products increased by 11 percent in 2010 when compared to the previous year.
According to a 1993 report of the Commission on Agricultural Workers, native peach-industry workers in Georgia, many of them African American, were displaced by Hispanic migrants.
The EU does not see either its cooperation or its agricultural policies as being in competition with anyone else.
In general, children of agricultural workers are at special risk of pesticide exposure because their homes are usually close to fields where application occurs, and they can encounter take-home exposure on parents' clothing.
But it would be a 'long and tortuous process', not least because these developing countries that are net agricultural importers also benefit from subsidies, 'at least in the short run'.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced a plan to stimulate agricultural businesses on June 25.
At least half of these gains would arise from removal of industrial country protection against developing country products, especially in agricultural goods and textiles and apparel.
In regard to agricultural education, the first half of the sentence is certainly true--it is the best of times.
WasteCap opted for land application of the drywall to agricultural fields.
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