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Synonyms for agricultural

Synonyms for agricultural

relating to rural matters

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Mr Markus said the incorporation of workshop exhibits where onsite learning and or training takes place at the shows was one of the ministry's aim in improving the agricultural shows.
Why did Agribuddy enter the Kingdom's agricultural sector?
"Every year, our country gains thousands of brilliant agriculturists, aqua-culturists, foresters, and other potential agricultural development workers.
The scheme has allotted Rs 2,050.00 crore for strengthening and development of higher agricultural education in India, Rs.
Agricultural imports increased 2.5 percent to $2.845 billion.
In order to more fully and effectively explain the effects of financial services and fiscal incentives on agricultural production efficiency, this article will improve the existing research from the following two aspects: First, using financial services and fiscal incentives as explanatory variables, comprehensively and systematically investigates the influential effect of financial and fiscal support to agriculture on agricultural production efficiency; Second, using the super efficiency DEA model and the system generalized method of moment estimator (GMM), effectively controls endogenous explanatory variable problems to ensure the accuracy of the estimation results.
Vendor: Dujiangyan City Modern Agricultural Development Investment Co.
Shinn (1987) estimated that individual and group instruction within agricultural laboratories can consume one-third to two-thirds of the total instructional time of a typical agricultural education course.
Bayraktar also stressed that Turkey, despite having the second-largest geographical area in Europe after Russia, with 76.96 million hectares, has a shortage of first and second-class agricultural land.
Agricultural holdings have a total of 365,868 LSU, while 56.5 percent from the total number of holdings breed livestock, poultry and beehives.
MINISTER for Natural Resources and Food, Alun Davies is seeking powers to establish an Agricultural Advisory Panel in a bid to protect the rights of 13,000 low-paid agricultural workers in Wales.
In recent years, the agricultural communications degree program at Texas Tech University (TTU) has experienced a steady increase in the number of students declaring this major and eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications.
The biggest problem is with fertilisers, followed by low crop yields, difficulty registering land and construction on agricultural land.
Khartoum, May 6 (SUNA) -- An agricultural delegation including 50 officials in various agricultural sectors, Sudanese Farmers' Union and the agricultural companies working in the country has left Friday for ChinaThe delegation five-day tour aims to get informed on the international technologies in the various fields of agriculture as China is one of the most advanced country in the field of agricultural technology.
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