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a large-scale farming enterprise

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A previous study showed that market-oriented agribusinesses are highly innovative and achieve superior performance (Micheels & Gow, 2008).
Four notions of competitiveness emerged, after a comprehensive study of the evolution of the competitiveness theory, as important in the context of agribusinesses operating for gains in the new globalized world economy, namely:
Also, DTN MarketSpace allows agribusinesses to offer producers a 24-hour storefront.
Australia is very pleased to work with ADB and the Samoan government to help agribusinesses in Samoa access finance to expand production and create jobs, said Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Australias Minister for International Development and the Pacific.
Ag producers can post their asking price privately for their selected agribusinesses to review and the system will automatically provide both e-mail and text message notifications when a buyer accepts.
The company has strategic partnerships with leading researchers and agribusinesses around the world.
By partnering with commercial banks and addressing the constraints that hinder access to finance, the project can help agribusinesses expand and create more jobs for the community.
Kuriyama will be promoted to president and chief executive officer, Land Group, a new organizational structure that links the related interests between A&B's agribusinesses and real estate activities, and enables improved oversight of the company's land assets.
The facility is an innovative product that will enable PCBA to expand its lending to Albanian agribusinesses by supporting financing of up to 30 million equivalent in local and foreign currency.
HH: We provide custom financial service programs for agribusinesses.
AgriStar joined forces with Hughes Network Systems to develop AgriStar Powered by DIRECWAY to integrate leading commercial farms and ranches, agribusinesses and food companies into a two-way, high-speed satellite network system.
Agribusinesses can take advantage of government investment by adding value themselves, introducing new technology and production techniques and researching and developing new products.
Michael Hause's extensive background in banking and financial services for agribusinesses, including credit-making and internal audit, has provided him with considerable first-hand experience in the avocado industry," said Lee E.
Under this new framework, the EBRD aims to enhance access to finance for local agribusinesses by providing dedicated credit lines to Albanian banks and microfinance institutions or by sharing with them the risk of lending to the agribusiness sector.
The "last three feet" in the marketing chain--the distance between the salesperson and the customer--is the most challenging link for many agribusinesses.