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Synonyms for agrestic

characteristic of the fields or country


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(of behavior) rustic and uncouth

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The Atlantic slave trade, ending only in the nineteenth century, depopulated Africa and left African societies carrying burdens of polygyny, agrestic and domestic slavery, and disrupted ecology.
An extreme form of patronage is therefore (voluntary) slavery or agrestic serfdom in which wretched people sold themselves `in return for maintenance throughout their lives' (such as was observed in South India during the nineteenth century--see Kumar 1983, vol.
The eight color palettes for 2008 are ReCollections, Chinoiserie, High Profile, Ethnic Chic, Agrestic, Wellspring, Savories and Nuances.
suburb of Agrestic who makes ends meet after her husband dies by selling marijuana gives Parker plenty to say.
The extras on the DVD set include commentaries and a featurette called ``Smoke and Mirrors Original Marijuana Mockumentary,'' an Agrestic herbal cookbook and the music video ``More Than a Friend'' by All Too Much.
Paige Fenstermaker, Agrestic Solutions & Innovations
Even the name of the fictional Southern California town in which the action takes place - Agrestic - is a terribly unsubtle comment on the hostility ostensibly simmering beneath the community's surface.