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Synonyms for agreement

Synonyms for agreement

the act or process of accepting

an act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action

a legally binding arrangement between parties

a formal, usually written settlement between nations

Synonyms for agreement

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No sooner did I sign the agreement than she got engaged.
Well, then, I'm very glad--or the contrary, very sorry, that I'm in agreement with Spencer; only I've known it a long while.
I told her I did not question but, if I could be hypocrite enough to feign more affection to him than I really had, I should succeed in all my design, and we might part by consent, and with a good agreement, for I might live him well enough for a brother, though I could not for a husband.
One evening, as we were sitting and talking very friendly together under a little awning, which served as an arbour at the entrance from our house into the garden, he was in a very pleasant, agreeable humour, and said abundance of kind things to me relating to the pleasure of our present good agreement, and the disorders of our past breach, and what a satisfaction it was to him that we had room to hope we should never have any more of it.
I fetched a deep sigh, and told him there was nobody in the world could be more delighted than I was in the good agreement we had always kept up, or more afflicted with the breach of it, and should be so still; but I was sorry to tell him that there was an unhappy circumstance in our case, which lay too close to my heart, and which I knew not how to break to him, that rendered my part of it very miserable, and took from me all the comfort of the rest.
And I know also, sir, what the Spaniard governor has told you, I mean of the agreement that he obliged them to make when they took those women, viz.
John Phillips, class action expert and member of the AFN team that negotiated the agreement with government and churches (including the Anglican Church of Canada), said students who have no objections to the agreement "don't have to say anything," but those who want to have no part in it must tell the government about their decision in writing.
One AIA Standard Form Agreement regularly used by contractors calls for the contractor's work to be performed on the basis of the cost of the work, plus a contractor fee, without an upset cost or fee, or a guaranteed maximum price.
The IRS concluded that the taxpayer's transfer of legal title to, and actual possession of, the stock to the counterparty pursuant to the pledge agreement was not sufficient to trigger a common law or constructive sale (under Sec.
are heading to arbitration after the parties were unable to reach an agreement Wednesday evening on a concessionary accord to help the carrier emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Prior to the divorce, however, they had entered into a separation agreement that provided, in part,
The Federal Reserve Board on May 14, 2004, announced the execution of a written agreement by and among Putnam-Greene Financial Corporation, Eatonton, Georgia; The Citizens Bank of Cochran, Cochran, Georgia; the Banking Commissioner of the State of Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia; and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.
Japanese precedents are less clear about whether a supplier has an unimpeded right to refuse to renew a distribution agreement.
In some cases, there may be an additional agreement setting forth the tax terms; more often there may be no further discussions or documents exchanged between the parties except for invoices and payments.