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Synonyms for agreement

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Synonyms for agreement

the act or process of accepting

an act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action

a legally binding arrangement between parties

a formal, usually written settlement between nations

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Synonyms for agreement

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But Gray could never forget that he had seemed to be, for a time, so close to the golden prize; and seven years after he had been set aside by the Western Union agreement, he reappeared with claims that had grown larger and more definite.
Buyers can approach the mark-up and negotiation of the purchase agreement to better position themselves in a competitive acquisition process and effectively negotiate a reasonably balanced agreement.
The written agreement addresses Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money-laundering compliance at Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, including policies and practices relating to the provision of correspondent banking services.
Prior to the divorce, however, they had entered into a separation agreement that provided, in part,
The annex is a good-faith agreement signed by the Great Lakes governors and premiers" the basin's water supplies.
But the decision was condemned by members of the European parliament, who are pursuing a legal challenge they voted for in April--the first time parliament is using its right to refer such an agreement to the European Court of Justice, the European Union's highest court.
There is no evidence that a new international agreement on investment will in fact stimulate greater investment or channel such investment to the world's poorest nations--the supposed purpose of the new round of WTO trade talks, the Doha Round.
You should likewise take legal issues into account when entering a distribution agreement so as to be able to negotiate from a stronger position in case of a wrongful termination or similar claim.
Betty van der Smissen states, "An Exculpatory Agreement is a contract which endeavors to alter tort common law, resulting in a conflict between traditional principles of tort law where the individual is responsible for one's actions which injure another person and contract law where parties have the right to define their relationship (van der Smissen 1990)."
"If I have a Cadillac version of a service level agreement, it would mean everything to do with the computer is serviced by them to the other extreme where it might deal only with a specific application," he says.
Kansteiner also urged both leaders to support the Lusaka Cease-Fire Agreement. We will continue to make peace in the Great Lakes region a top priority for the Administration.
Under the terms of the agreement, Alpha will relocate specific rubber production equipment to its manufacturing plant in North Charleston, SC.
However, a well-developed body of case law now has emerged under the act, identifying several situations where a nonsignatory to an arbitration agreement still may be bound to arbitrate.
Originally designed to support a NATO conflict in Europe, the agreement's mandate was widened after the Gulf War to cover any operation in which both countries participate anywhere in the world.
"There may be a verbal agreement that the new spouse will take care of the children if anything should happen," he says, "but that puts the children from the first marriage at risk"