agreed upon

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constituted or contracted by stipulation or agreement

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Were the experiment to be seriously made, though it required some effort to view it seriously even in fiction, I leave it to be decided by the sample of opinions just exhibited, whether, with all their enmity to their predecessors, they would, in any one point, depart so widely from their example, as in the discord and ferment that would mark their own deliberations; and whether the Constitution, now before the public, would not stand as fair a chance for immortality, as Lycurgus gave to that of Sparta, by making its change to depend on his own return from exile and death, if it were to be immediately adopted, and were to continue in force, not until a BETTER, but until ANOTHER should be agreed upon by this new assembly of lawgivers.
That is agreed upon, monsieur, and with much pleasure.
Ah, don't be angry, I beg of you, that would be useless; you know what is agreed upon between you, Athos and me.
The victory has been with Menelaus; therefore give back Helen with all her wealth, and pay such fine as shall be agreed upon, in testimony among them that shall be born hereafter.
Moreover the same peasants kept putting off, on various excuses, the building of a cattleyard and barn on the land as agreed upon, and delayed doing it till the winter.
When this was agreed upon and settled, the man strapped on the runner's other leg, saying to him, 'Now be nimble, and see that we win
The Knight of the White Moon replied that it was a question of precedence of beauty; and briefly told him what he had said to Don Quixote, and how the conditions of the defiance agreed upon on both sides had been accepted.
Under the agreement, the Government, CBG and Global Alumina will execute a three-party agreement containing acceptable terms allowing the granting of mining rights in an agreed upon part of the Initial Territory to Global Alumina.
The option may be exercised by the Company for an agreed upon fee and other agreed upon conditions, for up to an 18-month period.
These statements include assumptions, expectations, predictions, intentions or beliefs about future events, particularly the statements concerning the expected financial benefits of the contractual arrangement, the agreed upon sale of our Midstream business, and the possibility of new growth or strategic directions for our Power Generation business.
commitments to new development assistance for the world's poorest countries and to delete references to the globally agreed upon Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
The stores generally offer high-quality, durable goods such as major consumer electronics, appliances, computers, furniture and accessories under flexible rental purchase agreements that generally allow the customer to obtain ownership of the merchandise at the conclusion of an agreed upon rental period.
These statements include assumptions, expectations, predictions, intentions or beliefs about future events, particularly the statements concerning the agreed upon sale of our Midstream business, the tax effects and capital structure impact of such transaction, the impact on our financial position and results of operations, and the possibility of a new strategic direction, such as organic growth, opportunistic expansion or sector consolidation, for our Power Generation business.
In consideration of this investment, Savient will receive 50% of the global revenue of Nuflexxa above agreed upon revenue thresholds.