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Among the highest were South Africa (73 per cent strongly agree or agree), Egypt (69 per cent strongly agree or agree) and Saudi Arabia (67 per cent strongly agree or agree).
However, 43 percent of Saudi Arabian respondents strongly agree or agree with the same prediction.
Strongly agree: 23.9 per cent Tend to agree: 10.1 per cent Neither agree nor disagree: 18.4 per cent Tend to disagree: 8.4 per cent Strongly disagree: 39.2 per cent Fourth question - Stop Brexit To what extent do you agree with this statement: "If another referendum was held, it should include the option to stop Brexit and remain in the EU." Overall, 41.7 per cent of those surveyed in Coventry disagreed with the statement, and 39.53 per cent agreed.
Nationwide, 65% disagree with the statement: 'It is right for policemen to be given cash rewards for every person they kill who are allegedly using illegal drugs or involved in the illegal drug trade' while the remaining 15 percent agree, and 20 percent are undecided.
Strongly agree 6% Strongly disagree 21% Somewhat agree 24% Somewhat disagree 25% Neither agree nor disagree 24% The overseas aid budget helps to fight terrorism.
Next, collapsing the averages into two broad categories, Agree and Don't Agree, 84.24% (N=139) subjects mentioned that they Agree to have adequacy in spoken English so that they could speak English with their children at home, whereas 10.90% (N=18) revealed that they Don't Agree in this context.
The company's president and chief operating officer Joey Agree said Agree Realty has decided to extend its term loan in view of the favourable interest rate conditions.
Statement: I do not like my school because it is attended by many violent pupils 28,5% of pupils agree with the assertion that they do not like school on account of oppressive pupils (from this number 12,4% agree very much, and 16,1% agree3) with the assertion.
A similar number agree that they "feel good when a cheaper version of something I use becomes available." Under 50 Agree 50+Agree Under 50 Total 50+Total agree Strongly Strongly agree 73% 57% 84% 86%
The questionnaire used Likert scales of Strongly Agree, Agree, Undecided, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, or Not Applicable (N/A).
Most scientists agree that average world temperatures will rise by between two and six degrees Celsius this century due to emissions from burning fossil fuels for power and transport, causing floods, famines and violent storms.
Ask students to define "proxy war." If they agree that this was such a war, why do they think the U.S.
CFG/AGSCB 75 Ninth Avenue, L.L.C., 1 A.D.3d 65, 70 (1st Dep't 2003), "the parties to a commercial lease may mutually agree that conduct, which might otherwise give rise to an inference of waiver, shall not be deemed a waiver of specific bargained-for provisions of a lease." Similarly, the Court of Appeals held in Jefpaul Garage Corp.