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Synonyms for agrarian

Synonyms for agrarian

relating to rural matters

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Thus, even for those who sympathize deeply with the agrarian diagnosis of modern society's ills--the social alienation and dehumanization triggered by sprawling urbanism, industrialism, and the dominance of technology--there is often the sense that agrarianism is unhelpful as a solution in the twenty-first century.
The new agrarianism will be powered by sunlight, not fossil fuels and agriculture will become part of larger strategy aimed at conserving soil and storing carbon ...
Implicitly, while never succumbing to the dangers of systematic or ideological thinking, Kirk attempted to link five schools of thought together in The Conservative Mind: the "New Humanism" of Irving Babbitt and Paul Elmer More; the English traditionalism of Edmund Burke and Cardinal Newman; the libertarianism and individualism of Hayek and Nock; the agrarianism of G.K.
The fourth chapter revolves around Cleveland Indians great Bob Feller, who was fashioned into a symbol representing not only the stubborn refusal of agrarianism to disappear but its ability to claim mythic proportions in the American cultural landscape.
Agrarian traditions are closely linked today with sustainability by New Agrarianism, including what Davis describes as urban agrarianism, as well as in other efforts to meld traditionalism with ecological concerns, such as geo-libertarian economics.
Agrarianism emphasized rural culture and the value of agricultural work in America.
Just as agribusiness and its corporate investors used the term farmer strategically to navigate public perception and influence state officials and government policy, critics of industrial agriculture also employed it to voice apprehension of a capitalist food system that was quickly erasing traditional agrarianism. Together, both sides nurtured the seeds of America's agrarian imaginary.
So while some critics see Berry's agrarianism as so focused on local, self-sufficient communities that it overlooks the reality of our increasingly global interdependence, Oehlschlaeger points out that "a local frame of reference is critical" to seeing our global connections "with the intimacy of love" rather than with abstractions such as nationalism (75).
I also learned from the book that Thomas Jefferson changed his mind from agrarianism to a balanced approach toward agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce.
As commerce and development continue to homogenize regional identities, many southern poets have begun to question adherence to the idyllic mythos that centers on nostalgia, masculinity, and agrarianism. Many contemporary poets bristle at these constraints and are beginning to reimagine the purpose of place as a poetic force, a force that draws new strength from memory.
This all is preceded by the ever green ism of agrarianism based on the real social and societal needs, frugality oriented concepts and emphasizing the needs which are not projected but are de facto.
This will result in a model for urban agrarianism where the emphasis of design is around food production and how people live.
The lecture pictured and the Yankee fish boil that followed werepart of The Rockford Institute's 2006 Summer School on Agrarianism. All of the lectures, including those mentioned above by Clyde Wilson, are available on CD; call (800) 383-0680 for more information or to purchase.