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Synonyms for agrarian

Synonyms for agrarian

relating to rural matters

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The 6,452-hectare sugar estate in Tarlac province avoided getting broken up through a stock distribution option provided for in the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law that Aquino signed in 1988.
Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer II Teresita Mabunay told the ARBs to cultivate and protect their land with the support of the agency.
LandBank will focus on lending to individual ARBs with emancipation patents (EPs)/ CLOAs, leaseholders with existing leasehold contracts or any title under agrarian reform programs, identified through a list to be provided by DAR, the Bank's program partner.
The beneficiaries of this aid are the CAMMMA Small Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Mianay Farmers Association, Pasol-o Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Traciano Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Agtambi Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Matagnop Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Capagao Coconut Farmers Association, ESMAC Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Lantangan Small Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, and Pilar Agrarian Reform Cooperative.
NSFW on Sunday the activities are a "response to resonate our campaign for genuine agrarian reform and free land distribution" It also said the "'bungkalan' reflects the failure of the government's land reform program and the landlords' refusal to distribute land to the tillers." On Monday, KAISAHAN said that "we must note that the root of it all is the social injustice that remains unaddressed by our government.
The governing structure of the Agrarian Party was elected at the founding conference.
It is a great advantage to have this overview of the development of agrarian Sweden and its social relations in an extended perspective presented for an international audience.
Land distribution at the Hacienda Luisita could be a "litmus test" of President Aquino's sincerity in pursuing agrarian reform, said Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona who was against the majority that crafted the Apex Court's ruling last July 5.
Bulgaria now has as many as 19 agrarian parties, with some in coalition with Bulgarian transition arch-rivals Union of Democratic Forces and Bulgarian Socialist Party.
His thesis is that individualism and competitiveness were not ingrained social values and that traditional Castilian agrarian society did not begin to catch up with the modern world until the mid 1970s (after the death of Franco).
This typology was used to examine perceptions and interactions between two central groups in the six agrarian towns, the oldtimers and the newcomers.
In both instances, the controversy had arisen over a centuries-old injustice: the unequal recognition of property rights under Roman law, and the perceived need for some kind of land redistribution, known to the Romans as an "agrarian law."
The New Agrarian Mind: The Movement Toward Decentralist Thought in Twentieth-Century America, by Allan Carlson, New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction, 2000.
In the literal sense, it is the ability to sustain an agrarian culture.