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Synonyms for speech

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Synonyms for speech

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

a usually formal oral communication to an audience

a system of terms used by a people sharing a history and culture

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Synonyms for speech

something spoken

the exchange of spoken words

words making up the dialogue of a play

the mental faculty or power of vocal communication

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Participants with aphasia, presenting with anomia, dysgraphia, and agrammatism, were recruited from three research sites, Northwestern University (n = 9), Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital (n = 21), and Johns Hopkins University (n = 5), respectively, as part of a large-scale NIDCD funded Clinical Research Center.
It is characterized by disturbances of executive functions, visual-spatial disorganization, emotional dysregulation (blunting of affect and disinhibited and inadequate behavior), and language deficits (agrammatism and aprosodia) [5].
The diagnosis of PNFA required gradually progressive non-fluent spontaneous speech with at least one of the following symptoms: agrammatism, phonemic paraphasias, or anomia.
Regular and irregular morphology and its relationship with agrammatism: Evidence from two Spanish-Catalan bilinguals.
The topics include neural plasticity and considerations for recovery in bilingual aphasia, the clinical management of anomia in bilingual speakers of Spanish and English, acquired dyslexia and dysgraphia in bilinguals across alphabetical and non-alphabetical scripts, a case study of a bi-dialectal (African-American vernacular English/standard American English) speaker with agrammatism, and contextual models of service delivery in aphasia.
A cognitive approach to errors in case marking in Japanese agrammatism: The priority of the goal -ni over the source -kara.
The lexical and grammatical structure of the stories they told or retold exhibited agrammatism, inappropriate use of lexical elements, stereotyped sentence structure, and inexact use of words.
Pick in his monograph Agrammatism as cited in Humphery (1963) also gives evidence against the identification of thought and language.
Integrating the message level into treatment for agrammatism using story retelling.
Over the last several decades, a large part of aphasia research has focussed on persons with Broca's aphasia and agrammatism, although these people are relatively rare in the clinical setting, comprising perhaps 1-2% of the aphasic clients seen.
The articles published by Jean-Francois Prunet, Renee Beland, and Ali Idrissi ("The Mental Representation of Semitic Words," Linguistic Inquiry 31 [2000]: 609-48), and by Sabah Safi-Stagni ("Agrammatism in Arabic," in Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics III, ed.
comprehension deficits in cases of agrammatism (e.g.
For example, Wernicke [1874] proposed a model with a motor centre and a sensory centre joined by a transmission route to explain the difference between Broca's aphasia (characterized by agrammatism, the inability to form whole sentences, so that speech consists of a limited number of words and phrases used individually, and intact comprehension) and what is now known as Wernicke's aphasia (fluent but apparently meaningless grammatical speech, with many neologisms, and impaired comprehension).