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100 agorot equal 1 shekel in Israel

the marketplace in ancient Greece

a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece

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48: In which country's currency do 100 agorot make one sheqel?
FYI FOR YOUR INFORMATION ISRAEL, PALESTINE, AND JORDAN CAPITALS: Israel: Jerusalem Jordan: Amman AREA (SQUARE MILES): Israel: 8,302 Palestine: 2,239 Jordan: 35,637 TIME ZONES: GMT: 12 DRIVE ON: Right POPULATION: Israel: 5,900,000 Palestine: 2,800,000 Jordan: 5,200,000 RELIGIONS: Judaism, Islam, Christianity LANGUAGES: Hebrew, Arabic CURRENCY: Israel: 1 shekel 5 100 agorot Jordan: 1 dinar 5 1,000 fils ELECTRICITY: 200 volts, 50 cycles AC CAPSULE HISTORY: Hebrew kingdom, 1000 B.
Represented by Whitestone Communications (New York), Worldy has acquired: Prudence & Performance, a monthly that covers investing in mutual funds, from The Langsen Group (New York); Global Investing, a monthly for investors who invest in stocks and bonds from around the world, from Agorot Ltd.
From the messages sent back to the e-mail addresses, at a cost of 40 agorot each for the subscriber.