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100 agorot equal 1 shekel in Israel

the marketplace in ancient Greece

a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece

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Ideally, the group would have an agora steward, who brings well-developed skills for building agoras and conducting social systems design.
Thus, whereas the Ancient Greek agoras were a physical public space located in the center of town, the current global society, having grown too large for a similar meeting place, must meet in part in a virtual network.
Thus, the purpose of inquiring communities formed along the lines of the New Agoras Project should be to transcend their existing assumptions and seek to create a new ideal vision of future society.
Dialogue was practised very effectively in the agoras of Ancient Greece, like the one in Athens.
The paper by Paul Hays and Marios Michaelides, Constructing Agoras of the Global Village: A Co-Laboratory of Democracy on the Conscious Evolution of Humanity, focuses on designing and conducting a participatory engagement with members of the ISSS with the intent of generating interest to conduct similar co-laboratories by conference participants in different parts of the global village.
In an effort to achieve these objectives, this specific workshop addressed the fundamental question of how to promote the setting up of agoras of the global village.
to create a shared understanding of the challenges that will need to be addressed in the construction of agoras of the global village in the context of globalization;
The 47th annual conference of the ISSS aimed to mark the beginning of a long-term effort to construct agoras of the global village.
It would be fine to add that the agoras do not pretend to substitute either political parties or civil society organizations engaged in different types of social work.
If some of the participants in the agoras were social workers, they would bring with them the enrichment of their experience, knowledge and skills to try to be progressively more inclusive of poor people.
Its conclusions, presented at the summary session of the conference, are the point of departure of the present paper, which I hope to become the pretext for further conversations and for the institutionalization of the Latin American agora of the 21st century.
The challenges of the twenty-first century, associated with conscious evolution and globalization, demand the identification and general transmission of such concepts, laws and models in whatever field they were originally developed in order to enhance humanity's capacity to design the twenty-first century agoras.
exploring how local discussions, as processes, and agoras, as product, might come about;
Keywords Agora; the Agora Project; civil society; conscious self-guided evolution; democracy; democratic discourse; evolution; evolutionary guidance systems; guided evolution; New Agoras; public sphere; societal evolution
In the next section, conscious purposeful evolution is discussed as an epistemological referent for the New Agoras.