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suffering from agoraphobia

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She alleged Johnson falsely netted around PS50,000 in benefits by claiming that she was a unable to live on a day-to-day basis because she was agoraphobic, suffered depression, hallucinations, anxiety, blackouts and post traumatic stress disorder, and could not walk more than five metres without help.
It would be a huge honour if it did well and I hope it would inspire other agoraphobics, or anyone at all for that matter, that you don't have to give up or let anything get in the way of your dreams," she said.
Sherna said his wife was agoraphobic and that both of them drank each day and argued constantly.
In Stargirl's new life, she makes many memorable new friends, including Dootsie, a precocious five-year-old, whose outlook on life fills her with joy; Elvina, a tough tomboy; 11-year-old Betty Lou, an agoraphobic neighbor who depends on Dootsie, Stargirl and neighbors to make her life bearable; and Perry Delloplane, a teenage thief just out of boot camp who is drawn to Stargirl and she to him.
They live on a volcanic island and Nim loves books by an adventurer called Alex Rover - actually written by nervous, agoraphobic citydweller Alexandra (Foster).
95) receives veteran narrator Susan Ericksen's smooth and seasoned voice, spiced by years of involvement on stage and in television, as it tells of one police lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara, a top hostage negotiator who defuses dangerous situations--including her agoraphobic mother.
Nonetheless, behavioral researchers seem clear on the operant conditioning mechanism in the development of the agoraphobic response.
Fisher's relative isolation and intellectual intensity contributed to the rigorous and hermetic, almost agoraphobic, character of his early films.
Although Scott's cool, Kennedy-era look and soundtrack choices and the star's usual full commitment to his role keep making us want to cut the piece slack, there's trouble from the get-go accepting that Cage's Roy Waller - an agoraphobic neat freak who has to count three times before opening doors and gets seizures when exposed to sunlight - is also a top L.
Relationship between balance system function and agoraphobic avoidance.
One or two members of the team are feeling a little agoraphobic, having given up their individual offices for a splendid 21st century open plan layout, while retail therapy in the shopping centre next door is proving expensive for some.
Framed by a somewhat cloying voice--over recited by a seemingly agoraphobic young woman, it abruptly shifts gears, becoming a parody of literary culture and romantic identity when the woman becomes, literally overnight, a celebrity novelist.