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a newspaper column devoted to personal problems

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The Agony Column thus combines popular concerns with more "expert" or "experienced" voices.
Bruce Merry introduces his first chapter on Maraini, 'Her Life and Ideas', with an anonymous letter from an agony column written by a survivor of incest and physical abuse, in illustration of the commonality of women's unspoken and secret suffering that Maraini's work seeks to articulate.
The former is about a newspaper writer who conducts an agony column and gradually succumbs to the real agony that underlies the absurd letters he receives daily.
The then 45-year-old presenter and broadcaster was definitely ubiquitous from what I can remember, writing an agony column, presenting arts shows for two channels, judging at book awards, critiquing films and chairing debates at the Hay Festival, the reason she was on the phone to me.
Her first published writing was in Jackie magazine but she also wrote a spoof agony column after moving to Scarborough in 1970 with her artist husband.
From our forum and agony column, we know of the problems deposits cause for both landlords and tenants.
I knew that Brian had once read in a magazine's agony column that women weren't really interested in men's bodies,kissing techniques or looks.
The art of the agony column is replying to the facts you are given rather than imagining that everyone else is your personal clone.
Shops won't stock my recent book The 101 Sexiest, Craziest, Most Outrageous Agony Column Questions (And Answers) Of All Time' because it is too rude.
Her first Record agony column appeared on April 23, 1979, but she didn't join the paper as staff until 1998, later making it to associate editor.
He's had an agony column in a magazine and has pages of internet websites dedicated to him.
The characters all looked promising with snooty Sophie succeeding in politics, Tanya getting an agony column and her very own stalker, drunken Alistair getting himself decked at his own wedding, and Miss Lombard's skimpy bra prominent in the stylish supporting cast.
It was meant to be a telly version of an agony column and in that sense it was successful because it was indeed agony.
However, my new book The 101 Sexiest, Craziest, Most Outrageous Agony Column Questions (And Answers) Of All Time deals with none of those important topics.