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a newspaper columnist who answers questions and offers advice on personal problems to people who write in

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oh, and the hilarious, if not suitable for publication, stories about his mother, the late, great agony aunt from TV-AM Claire Rayner.
The Sunderland-born agony aunt has played a major role in supporting charities across the North East, including the Bubble Foundation based at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary.
After almost 30 years of providing comfort to millions of This Morning viewers, agony aunt Denise Robertson is in need of a lot of love herself today.
The agony aunt suggests the fan should listen to his wife and hold off from naming the child after Agbonlahor or Benteke - in case they get trransferred to another club.
AGONY AGAIN: The | |series was reborn on the BBC in 1995 The opening series was co-created and written by real life agony aunt Anna Raeburn, known for her late night phone-in on Capital Radio in London.
AGONY aunt Denise Robertson has described how she helped save the life of a woman who tried to commit suicide during a radio phone-in.
Summary: Agony aunt, writer and broadcaster Claire Rayner has died at the age of 79, her family have said.
Claire was unusual in that as a trained nurse, she was the first agony aunt with a medical background.
The People's Rachael is the most up-front agony aunt in Britain.
This tale of a teenage online agony aunt, and her efforts to deal with issues of friendship, family, and identity is supported with illustrations which are screen shots from television show gtg (got to go).
Letters sent to the Agony Aunt column in the first half of 2005 were compiled, they were examined using content analysis of qualitative methods, and it was tried to reveal the self-disclosure skills in these letters.
If you think you would make a great agony aunt you can share your opinions at dearanyone.
The finalists, who also feature an agony aunt and a former Welsh soap actress, will face the public vote for the first time next Saturday.
That's until she meets Matt, but he has a wife and all of a sudden the agony aunt finds herself as the "other woman"
Unlike other print sources used, the Agony Column provides a highly structured set of data, since each Agony letter involves a problem, an Agony Aunt, and a "solution.