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Synonyms for agonizingly

in a very painful manner

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Habitually glancing over our shoulders at third-place Kansas, the last remaining unbeaten major conference team, and agonizingly aware that the Jayhawks will overtake the Ducks if their record stays perfect.
Within minutes the Swifts came agonizingly close to equalizing when Niall Maginn and Philip Johnston both went to connect with a loose ball - the latter clipping the ball just past the post.
Part 3: 1934-1939 shows the agonizingly slow recovery of the High Plains, with cattle killed off and farmers paid to leave the land fallow.
The consolidator model of online bill presentment and payment, the model that bankers have been rooting for, has shown agonizingly slow growth.
Bulls and bullfighters and a few random red props appeared and disappeared until the agonizingly funny blood-in-the-sand ending.
The author bolsters this agonizingly obvious, but important and often overlooked aspect of the incident with historical examples from the U.S.