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Synonyms for agonizingly

in a very painful manner

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But there's agonizingly little for Duck fans to do but alternately savor and simmer away these final weeks of this most memorable and maddening of football seasons.
The first 15 of the second half was more of the same for the traveling Rathfriland team as Niall Maginn had a firm long range shot saved well and the same player went agonizingly close with a header from a Magennis cross.
The book--part memoir, part self-help--comes agonizingly close to fulfilling its mission, but not close enough to successfully make it a gripping read.
Jason Roberts released a low pass across the face of goal, but the ball squirmed agonizingly in front of the lunging former Chelsea defender.
For Temagami Mayor Wayne Adair, waiting for the ministry's approval has been an agonizingly slow process, he says.
For others, it is an agonizingly slow and difficult journey.
We follow her as she agonizingly leaves her bleeding lover and walks four miles to a road, where she flags down a passing car with a flashlight.
However, they are agonizingly slow to get in touch with students with whom they're initially impressed.
The recession may be over, but the recovery has been agonizingly slow and people are just now going back to work.
Montgomerie has come agonizingly close to winning a major, with five second-place finishes.
In Words of Promise, coverage of the source of the Negro anthem "Lift E'vry Voice and Sing" captures the agonizingly small advances of black writers in the Jim Crow era.
In these, single figures (or occasionally small groups) captured in midmovement or at the climax of a pose appear isolated and luminous, spotlighted in pitch-dark surroundings: A man spins the wheels of a bicycle as it seems to climb an invisible 6o-degree hill; another hangs agonizingly upside down from a pole; a third, elderly man focuses every ounce of his attention on a ball he's juggling (all works untitled).
Now that primary market is three days away, via an agonizingly slow and robbery-prone train ride.
When looking at the CapEx market, there is a lot of money involved, however, it moves agonizingly slow," said Eric Mantion, a senior analyst with In-Stat/MDR.
He has marched toward the Babe while baseball has turned the other way, feeling obligated to agonizingly acknowledge but not celebrate this achievement.