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striving to overcome in argument

struggling for effect


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The ozone supply, circulation rates and GAC influenced the COD removal synergistically while that of CEX concentration agonistically.
In turn, in the area of international politics, concepts of an agonistically pluralistic world order, with channels of genuine dissent wide open, in contrast to the current unipolar world, have been suggested.
Yet rather than agonistically pit substance and surface against each other, Lord takes a meditative, inquisitive approach that measures one against the other.
Specifically, Wilson acknowledges that although there is certainly a political motivation to favor a disseminated theory of sexuality, "these two kinds of neurological forms are in a reticulated relationship, wherein dimorphic divisions are irreducibly, agonistically, generatively conjoined within networks of divergence" (51).
Insulin and leptin are two potent anorexigenic signals that agonistically suppress appetite.
In all this, the person is constituted agonistically.
While the book thus explicitly sets itself against the political tenets or assumptions of New Historicism--sometimes agonistically so--one may be equally struck by its methodological commonalities with that critical mode, though Wilson might prefer to see this as an affiliation with cultural materialism.
While Origen was thinking in terms of a radicalized spirituality Agamben is meditating upon the possibility of an equally radical materiality, thus making him a post modern example of a secular paratheologian who reads agonistically.
If we add to this a certain agonistically toned character, a belligerent disposition of the spoken word, we seem to only reinforce the basic features of the picaresque genre.
This dispersion and dilution of the originary colonial authority across the English language reveals some poets as displaying a refusal in terms of content--albeit agonistically in a binate form of brisure which is a joining and breaking with colonial authority in a simultaneous gesture of acknowledgement and refusal--and others deconstructing and refusing the very language itself in the way English is adapted and acculturated into a form which is sometimes referred to as Indian English.
We allowed previously isolated (socially naive) juvenile crayfish to interact agonistically for 30 min in a resource-free environment and subsequently presented them with an attractive food resource.
This "intense, restless, tortured, [and] fascinated" cordiality towards the other, which, as other, remains unthought and that which has yet to be thought, inspires the work of the contributors to this memorial forum for at least two reasons: first, because the vicissitudes and promises of hospitality are for them uniquely articulated in the idioms of romanticism as the most consequential instance in European modernity in which it is possible for radical forms of alterity to be welcomed, critiqued, and theorized; and second, because Derrida's legacies are what connect romanticism most agonistically to the irreducible foreignness of the present day and that in fact make romanticism a reading and a translation of us.
While I do not have the space to explore fully the dialogue Welles develops with his own film (in part, because I sense that he is more agonistically wrestling with Shakespeare's play), there is certainly a case to be made for such an exploration.
Unamuno's anti-intellectualism, which to Maragall's self-consciously European eyes at times merely reinforced Unamuno's Africanism, was in fact ah intellectualism agonistically at battle with itself.
For if Thirst: The Desert Trilogy is a cautionary tale of the dangers present when we create identities agonistically, by violently stressing the difference between ourselves and those we label as the "other" the Trilogy also succeeds by offering a generous reading of the Hebrew Bible's own complex ethical currents, helping contemporary readers recognize that postmodern ambivalences over identity, the coherence of the nation, the sanctity of territory vs.