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striving to overcome in argument

struggling for effect


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In vitro BPA acted more agonistically on NR1I3, whereas BPAF acted more antagontiscally (Pelch et al.
The ozone supply, circulation rates and GAC influenced the COD removal synergistically while that of CEX concentration agonistically. The influence of various variables under consideration in this study, can be expressed in the form of highest to lowest as follows; i.e., ozone supply has the highest influence, then comes circulation rates, later is the GAC dose, while the CEX concentration, has least influence.
Democracy works best when these divisions are imagined agonistically rather than antagonistically.
Clearly, Fuller drew on her rhetorical training as a model for the proposed forum; she wished to help women test and classify their knowledge agonistically and to "disrupt certain ideological assumptions", in the words of Christina Zwarg, who states that Fuller's success lies in her conversational skills that "negotiate a new understanding of the relationship between public and private worlds" (Zwarg 1995:211,254).
Indeed, creation is not about "power" (agonistically framed) at all.
Rokem describes the kind of dramatic and theatrical devices Plato gave Socrates to use, paradoxically and agonistically, to articulate specific philosophical ideas and the terms by which philosophy would establish itself as a new discipline in contradistinction to theater, poetry, and the arts.
In turn, in the area of international politics, concepts of an agonistically pluralistic world order, with channels of genuine dissent wide open, in contrast to the current unipolar world, have been suggested.
Yet rather than agonistically pit substance and surface against each other, Lord takes a meditative, inquisitive approach that measures one against the other.
Specifically, Wilson acknowledges that although there is certainly a political motivation to favor a disseminated theory of sexuality, "these two kinds of neurological forms are in a reticulated relationship, wherein dimorphic divisions are irreducibly, agonistically, generatively conjoined within networks of divergence" (51).
Insulin and leptin are two potent anorexigenic signals that agonistically suppress appetite.
In all this, the person is constituted agonistically. A private 'me' emerges by being distinguished from a specific, pre-formed and public lot of 'themfellas'--a set of people that speakers in our region will distinguish as a 'mob' that is distinct from other 'mobs'.
While the book thus explicitly sets itself against the political tenets or assumptions of New Historicism--sometimes agonistically so--one may be equally struck by its methodological commonalities with that critical mode, though Wilson might prefer to see this as an affiliation with cultural materialism.
While Origen was thinking in terms of a radicalized spirituality Agamben is meditating upon the possibility of an equally radical materiality, thus making him a post modern example of a secular paratheologian who reads agonistically.
If we add to this a certain agonistically toned character, a belligerent disposition of the spoken word, we seem to only reinforce the basic features of the picaresque genre.
This dispersion and dilution of the originary colonial authority across the English language reveals some poets as displaying a refusal in terms of content--albeit agonistically in a binate form of brisure which is a joining and breaking with colonial authority in a simultaneous gesture of acknowledgement and refusal--and others deconstructing and refusing the very language itself in the way English is adapted and acculturated into a form which is sometimes referred to as Indian English.