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Synonyms for agonistic

striving to overcome in argument

struggling for effect


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Given the greater size and rigidity of Phe compared with Leu, one might surmise from this substitution alone the absence of BPA agonistic activity in mPXR.
For Mouffe (2005), the political is defined by the agonistic struggle of actors for discursive hegemony, and with the definition of 'us' and 'them'.
Yet the struggle to engage alternative creeds, faiths, and belief structures in the agonistic manner outlined above is not merely an intra-societal struggle.
In a perfect world, all humans would recognize and take appropriate action at the lower levels of agonistic behavior.
The third section contained information on physical activity and studied the frequency, amount and characteristics of training, the agonistic level, the amount and type of trauma and injuries, the behavior adopted when the LBP occurred.
This short-term time budget included 5 behavioral categories related to burial, locomotion, agonistic interactions, foraging, and inactivity.
Global Banking News-August 1, 2019-Alligator Bioscience regains from Janssen global rights to CD40 agonistic antibody
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-August 1, 2019-Alligator Bioscience regains from Janssen global rights to CD40 agonistic antibody
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 1, 2019-Alligator Bioscience regains from Janssen global rights to CD40 agonistic antibody
Nafarelin is a potent agonistic analog of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH).
Others refer more literally to "opposing benches", while the Dutch architects are brutal, labelling it the "agonistic British model" - "agonistic" deriving from the athletic contests of Ancient Greece and involving overcoming your opponent in physical combat.
Color is commonly used as a signal of resource holding potential in agonistic encounters throughout the animal kingdom, including animals such as birds (Pryke et al., 2001; Siefferman and Hill, 2005), reptiles (Whiting et al, 2006; Ligon and McGraw, 2016), fish (Gerlach et al, 2014; Kelley et al., 2016), and cephalopods (Adamo and Hanlon, 1996; Scheel et al., 2016).
The internet is an agonistic medium driven by conflict and also one that creates powerful distortions of scale and in both of those respects, amplifies the conspiratorial tendency.
These programs target immune stimulation, immune checkpoint inhibition, and regulatory T cell function and include: ASP8374/PTZ-201, an anti-TIGIT antibody and ASP1948/PTZ-329, an antiNRP1 antibody, both of which are currently in Phase I studies; and ASP1951/PTZ-522, a novel format GITR agonistic antibody, which has achieved IND clearance.
Among their topics are agonistic excess and its ritual resolution in hero cult: the funeral games in Iliad 23 as a mises en abyme, competition and innovation in Aristotle's Politics 2, paradoxes and anxieties of competition in Hippocratic medicine, mihi es aemula: elite female status competition in mid-Republican Rome and the example of Tertia Aemilia, and Demosthenes verses Cicero: intercultural competition in ancient literary criticism.