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As well as having to cancel his 11th birthday party, he has been unable to even wear a t-shirt, or lie down on his back without suffering agonising pain.
"We affirm our conviction that all those taking the agonising decisions regarding the care of Alfie Evans act with integrity and for Alfie's good as they see it.
Her parents made the agonising decision not to resuscitate if she went into cardiac arrest.
Miss Scanlon's lawyer Patricia Noone said: "She now suffers episodes of agonising pain and has been hospitalised several times."
He admitted: "It has taken me a long time to make the agonising choice because I was part of a family with the GB team for five years.
A DISABLED mum has embarked on a two million step walk in agonising pain in a bid to save her daughter from being left completely paralysed.
Emmerdale (7.00pm) Maisie and Ryan are distracted from their passionate embrace by the commotion between Mark, Faye and Natasha downstairs, and the pair soon discover the agonising truth.
The Cobh runner says a poignant goodbye to her professional career in a documentary covering a year in her life and which shows her making the agonising decision to make her final lap.
A SCOTS mum faces an agonising wait to find out if her husband is dead after Mexican police botched a DNA test.
The book is a wonderful way to remember his extraordinary courage and an effective way to help others touched by this agonising condition.
But after three successful years, she took the "agonising" decision because she fears there is "nowhere for her character to go".
It is a selection claimed to be the result of many years of research although, because you would have come up with a very similar list yourself without too much agonising, you suspect this really means years of committee meetings.
Brian Sweeney, 42, the commander of Strathclyde Fire Brigade, said it was his most agonising day in 23 years of service.
Tory leader William Hague ordered Lord Taylor to stop 'publicly agonising' about whether he could remain a member and sign a statement urging 'people of all communities' to vote Conservative.
But she faces the agonising decision of whether to reveal the truth.