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a festivity in ancient Greece at which competitors contended for prizes

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Years agone, when the object of his affections was wont to sit in her little arm-chair by the high Lodge-fender, Young John (family name, Chivery), a year older than herself, had eyed her with admiring wonder.
For, friend John, hardly had my knife severed the head of each, before the whole body began to melt away and crumble into its native dust, as though the death that should have come centuries agone had at last assert himself and say at once and loud, "I am here!"
Google (GOOG, GOOGL) said in a blog post that it is working on Agones, a new open-source project that uses Kubernetes to host and scale dedicated game servers.
Sobre a historiografia acerca das competicoes atleticas (os agones) praticadas em honra a Zeus no santuario de Olimpia, no sudoeste do Peloponeso, apresentaremos, a respeito de suas origens religiosas e politicas, a visao tradicional (aquela predominante em publicacoes sobre os Jogos Olimpicos, no Brasil e no exterior) e o debate mais atual (mais difundido nas publicacoes cientificas especificas da area de arqueologia da Grecia).
Non a caso, nello stesso brano, Gorgia accenna anche ai iogoi dei meteoroiogoi e, in terzo luogo, agli <<agoni fatti di discorsi (hoi dia iogon agones)>>.
El cuadro lo completaban los capitanes William Hall, de Pintrigandi; Guasical, del rio Mono; George de Agones y Urruchichi, de Sucunti (50).
Chioma herself announces the traditional and (post)modern agones, contradictions and complexities of this hybridity in an exchange with Onyebuchi, her mother: "Oh, you said you would not tell me the story of how my great-grandfather became a Christian.