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gone by


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It may be best to go, lad, after all; for, if the shot hangs under the skin, my hand is getting too old to be cutting into human flesh, as I once used to, Though some thirty years agone, in the old war, when I was out under Sir William, I travelled seventy miles alone in the howling wilderness, with a rifle bullet in my thigh, and then cut it out with my own jack-knife.
The clock of the Old South was striking as I came through Boston, and that is full fifteen minutes agone.
some two and forty years agone the good count rode hence to fight for Holy Cross, and many a year hath flown since word or token have we had of him.
Then straightway the Knight told all about his stay at Denby and of the happening at the fair, and how it was like to go hard with young David; so he told his tale, and quoth he, "It was this, good Robin, that kept me so late on the way, otherwise I would have been here an hour agone.
Instead, she saw the Kingsport Harbor of nearly a century agone.