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a festivity in ancient Greece at which competitors contended for prizes

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Looking back at his career, Agon said he believes the most exciting time in beauty is actually this moment.
Rarely does Agon, now a ballet standard, thrill at City Ballet these days.
Leon Agba, a certified financial management counsellor and Agon Project project coordinator at ABEPEC, says, 'The Agon Project is the first of its kind in Benin to address the needs of the agricultural sector in such an inclusive and holistic way.
Jorge Aguilar Agon exhibition commemorates the artist's 75th anniversary, 55 years of which have been spent as a professional painter.
L'Oreal has entered a new phase in its history: the universalization of beauty," says the globally minded Agon.
To support his position, Agon points out that department stores in China and Korea are booming--and that the supplier's prestige beauty business in both countries remains strong.
Being Balanchine, Agon is, above all, an ensemble piece, but the pas de deux performed by Jenna Roberts and Tyrone Singleton will linger in memory.
The growth in the ageing population is an historic opportunity in the skin and haircare sectors," said Jean Paul Agon, director general.
0 esta disponible en el mercado con el mayorista Agon Consulting.
From this perspective of counterpoint, Fisher depicts Agon as a turning point in her own history as well as a time of renewal and change for the New York City Ballet.
At the start of the 1980s Smolka founded the Agon Ensemble, which gradually emerged as the most important Czech ensemble for contemporary music.
Resumen: La ponencia se centra en el estudio de las ocurrencias lexicas de la familia de sophron y de hedys, vinculando sus apariciones en el agon con las del resto de la pieza y con la utilizacion de la familia de palabras de aiskhos y de dike.
sequels are "in" today; what would Stravinsky's Agon inspire?
Like the perpetual, pointless agon of his doomed wanderings, the sound track conjures only senseless urge.
This idyllic moment is not destined to last; Agon must hunt and kill the mighty Xaba-Har and return to his village with its head within three days as an offering to Madorak, the Death God.