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Synonyms for agog

Synonyms for agog

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highly excited

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Agog Software has built up considerable expertise in the dot-com sector for tracking e-Commerce, e-Marketing and Website performance metrics.
Tom Cruise: The Mission Impossible star, Tom Cruise left the audience agog when he gave a naked shot of his back in the movie " All Right Moves".
NEWSPAPERS and television channels have been agog with reports of how car sales have declined for the first time in a decade.
Summary: DUBAI - Twitter is all agog with His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rasid Al Maktoum's New Year tweets.
DOWN 1 Sage, 2 Unwell, 4 Hope, 5 Marble, 6 Humdrum, 9 Freesia, 11 Cashew, 12 Ascend, 14 Agog, 15 Gnaw.
All France was agog after Royal, 58, went on to lose her parliamentary seat and with it her hopes of becoming speaker of the French National Assembly.
THE winner of last week's pounds 500 Xword was Mrs M Boyle, Moray YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS RUNE FIBS PEW AGE S ADAM AGA FLAT TOREADOR TYRANT MEY TEENY IAIN FINESSE ALBA IRE STIFF SIP LIAM GLUCOSE ESPY SHUSH TNT SEALED CUSHIEST RODE ORE CARE TOGA PIT EMIR SPED WEE THINKER Across: 1 Goal; 4 Maple; 7 Alpha; 8 Lemon; 9 Nerve; 10 Conviction; 14 Unwind; 16 Seldom; 17 Spectacles; 22 Skate; 23 Rabbi; 25 Rondo; 26 Items; 27 Agog.
CHANNEL surfing this week, Steff and I found ourselves open mouthed and, I've never said this word before but, agog.
Children taking a steam train journey with the Lake District's Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway on September 26 and 27 will be all agog - or perhaps a-Goggins?
When I was fashion editor of a newspaper, I took my then boyfriend to Paris and he was agog at the display of perky, naked flesh on the runway.
Gregory said Petukhov was agog at the career options and the possibilities for young people of talent and ambition.
Others were agog that she would expose so much at the age of 60.
In an article on the artist ha these pages, Daniel Birnbaum has claimed Rhoades as "perhaps the most American of contemporary American artists," agog at his apparently insatiable hunger for ever more indigestible displays of material excess.
The sights chosen were Trijicon's TAOl NSN 4x32 AGOG, and Canada's ELCAN.
According to an AGOG spokeswoman, only a handful of states--Ohio, Florida, Illinois, and Virginia--are currently seeking such bans.