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Synonyms for agnosticism

a religious orientation of doubt

the disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge

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While agnosticism and atheism are common responses to the questions of evil and the existence of God, there are those who believe, too, that in an age of great evil and suffering, there is all the more reason to believe in a God.
In a different vein, but still reflecting IEQ's principles, the entry "al-Aqsa Mosque" is devoid of any modern political perspectives, providing a model of restraint if, in fact, not an ironic example of scholarly agnosticism.
Synopsis: The trend toward agnosticism, atheism, and other forms of unbelief is gathering force, especially among the young.
The new software solution's main functionalities include LIMS Lite, Analysis Pipeline Manager, Reports and Visualizations, Lab7 Resource Manager and Platform Agnosticism.
On the one hand, he speaks of the concepts of God and religion and on the other hand he opens a debate about the other side of the spectrum -- atheism and agnosticism.
I know her stubbornness has other causes, including pleasing family members who are deeply religious and have always resented my father's agnosticism.
In this summer of automotive agnosticism, marked by tentative sales forecasts, rabidly chronicled bike-sharing initiatives, and teenagers more interested in social media than wheels, spare a thought for the Jaguar F-Type: the season's loudest--and perhaps lone--argument for the pleasures of driving.
Claiming to embrace Thomas Huxley's definition of agnosticism as the method of following reason as far as it will take one, he admonishes his readers, "Do not pretend that conclusions are certain which are not demonstrated or demonstrable.
The book is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the religion and agnosticism categories.
After a chronology and a brief definition and explanation of atheism and agnosticism, the selections are organized chronologically from the ancient world to the 20th century, with additional sections on humorists and contemporary voices of the period 1998-2009.
HUDDERSFIELD Choral Society opened its 2012-13 season with religious agnosticism and musical ambivalence by pairing Vaughan Williams' Five Mystical Songs and Brahms' German Requiem - an intriguing and imaginative programme.
In particular, it argues that on certain popular views about the nature of belief, it is impossible to adopt the nearly global agnosticism recommended by the skeptical epistemologist.
I appreciate especially his telling of his pilgrimage from a fundamentalist upbringing to his present agnosticism.
That's why I say I keep my self close to the agnosticism.
By contrast, the greatest Christmas movie ever made takes place in midtown and on the Upper West Side, and throbs with Manhattan's jazzy agnosticism.