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uncertain of all claims to knowledge


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The YubiKey is backed by a free software stack and can be used agnostically with other free software, making it well-suited for the rest of the Fedora team's processes," says Mike McGrath, Red Hat engineer and leader of the Fedora Infrastructure team.
We agnostically set the bargaining parameter as [eta] = 0.
The alarming conflict, however, turns out to be less about the inter-religious relationship than about the religiously observant versus the agnostically globalized secular.
Thus, the question of interest is left agnostically open by the design of the identification procedure, and the data will decide.
Finally, results derived from agnostically coded data may be more difficult to interpret substantively, since ideology in this context only measures how often particular judges vote with each other, and not how often they support particular types of outcomes.
The Commission has therefore agnostically placed them outside the scope of the TTBER, where they must be assessed individually under Articles 81(1) and 81(3).
Precisely because entitlements retain a morally-grounded bedrock of exclusion rights, the law does not regard causation in resource conflicts agnostically.
for example, O'Connor (1996) for a diligent overview of relevant contrasts in Northern Pomo which, even though the possessor raising/ascension terminology is agnostically adopted, points to the manifold semantic-pragmatic differences between "raised" and "nonraised" structures.
In what would become a standard approach, he confronted the data agnostically with 25 financial ratios and ran several different specifications in search of the best fit.
This has already been highlighted as a major constraint on the establishment of entrepreneurship as a discrete academic discipline (Harrison & Leitch, 1996), and is reflected in a recent statement that "entrepreneurship research is and should be breaking away from more applied economics, psychology, or sociology research and instead appropriate agnostically from the theories that can provide the greatest explanatory power" (Phan, 2004, p.
Peregrine's service solutions help IT organization evolve their processes and work agnostically with other IT solutions.