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uncertain of all claims to knowledge


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As English has shown, O'Malley could be agnostically Anglophile in his appreciation of good literature or art, but still harbor deep animosity toward what he perceived as the colonial trappings of British politics.
The Ixonos 3D Engine[TM] is now ready to deliver customized 3D user interfaces for devices of all shapes and sizes - platform and chipset agnostically.
UPMC's Shrestha similarly agrees that the term VNA has become an overused buzzword by vendors and the issues in the imaging industry go beyond simply just storing the image agnostically.
Dewey agnostically refrained from knowing whether the tiniest bits of matter really answer to our theoretical descriptions.
The YubiKey is backed by a free software stack and can be used agnostically with other free software, making it well-suited for the rest of the Fedora team's processes," says Mike McGrath, Red Hat engineer and leader of the Fedora Infrastructure team.
The alarming conflict, however, turns out to be less about the inter-religious relationship than about the religiously observant versus the agnostically globalized secular.
We agnostically set the bargaining parameter as [eta] = 0.
Thus, the question of interest is left agnostically open by the design of the identification procedure, and the data will decide.