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of Oxford) follow up on a case study they originally investigated, a man named John with visual agnosia caused by a stroke.
Nineteen experiments on a person with visual object agnosia and dyslexia but normal face recognition.
The results have described the functional neuroanatomy of object agnosia and suggested that damage to the part of the brain critical for object recognition can have a widespread impact on remote parts of the cortex.
AGNOSIA (Cert 15, 105 mins) JOANA Parts (Barbara Goenaga) suffers from a rare neurophysiological condition called agnosia, which means that while her eyes and ears are in perfect condition, her brain cannot correctly interpret the stimuli.
development of multiple cognitive deficits manifested by memory impairment, word finding difficulty, and at least one of the following cognitive disturbances: aphasia, apraxia, agnosia, and disturbance in executive functioning.
Finger agnosia in children with brief discussion on the defect and retardation in mentally handicapped children.
from the first small alterations of character, tremors in the hands and face, emotional disturbance, including--most notably--sudden, uncontrollable alterations of mood, to the helpless jerky dance-like movements, intellectual dilapidation, memory failure, agnosia, apraxia, dementia, total loss of muscular control, rigidity sometimes, nightmarish hallucinations and a meaningless end.
When taking a history, consider other symptoms such as aphasia, apraxia, agnosia, and problems with executive function.
The arguments that have been offered for this surprising claim place considerable weight on two sources of evidence--visual form agnosia and the reaching behavior of normal subjects when picking up objects that induce visual illusions.
of Iowa, compiles seven articles by human and developmental neuropsychologists that include discussion of the historical evolution and status of the field, inter-hemispheric relations, the phenomenon of phantom body parts in amputees, aphasia, constructional apraxia, somatosensory function, and auditory agnosia.
The incidence and prevalence of apraxia and agnosia in mild or moderate TBI are unknown.
Perhaps it's only a problem of agnosia, when, that is, the subject's not in a position to recognise an aspect of himself.
The authors explained that the "illusion des sosies," as they dubbed it, was caused by an "identification agnosia.
With Evan Balaban, Patel suggested some years ago that human brain specialization for music should be conceived of in terms of dynamic interaction patterns between topographically identifiable regions rather than in terms of dedicated cortical centers, the latter a traditional view thought to be supported by a wealth of agnosia, and dissociation studies ("Temporal Patterns of Human Cortical Activity Reflect Tone Sequence Structure;" Nature 404 [2000]: 80-84).
injury), or agnosia (loss of the ability to recognize objects, persons,