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line of descent traced through the paternal side of the family


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Statistical Affairs of Ardabil Province, 2006, Management and programming agnation, Negin edit.
As we shall see below, Davidse's work on the notions of agnation and enation as two complementary types of systemic relationships provides a further systemic basis for the metafunctional layering in SFG.
and belonging defined by women, there lingered a possible world of togetherness reckoned in terms of agnation, and locality defined in terms of men.
After charting the history of this group's status, social organization, and kinship patterns during the colonial and post-Independence periods, he concludes that the Santal-Munda have actually strengthened the basis of their social structure, "including the principle of patrilineality, the exogamy of clans, the institution of agnation, the legitimation of the secular head by the sacral head in the villages, the prohibition of adoption and the dislike of the 'house bridegroom' marriage, the exclusion of women in bonga [spirit] worship, land rights, etc.
If a man creates a family endowment for his son and the latter's lineal descendants, the principle of agnation therefore will exclude progressively from the resulting lineal descent group both female and male cognatic descendants of the founder.