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related on the father's side

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is best understood as the outcome of individual and collective strategizing in a field that was shaped by the widely shared agnatic orientation, an elite model of kinship, and a set of other factors that include ethnic differentiation; commercialization of the economy; transformations in the composition of local elites; and in particular, responses to state policy for the registration of land and population since the Ming (8).
Indeed, his taking seriously the adage 'We fight the people we marry' is much like his wholesale subscription to Mae Enga homilies about distant agnatic linkage, noted above, in connection with his emphasis on 'the spiritual bestowal of the patrilineal clan ancestor?
Madri e figli nella Toscana moderna, has developed this idea, arguing that the typical agnatic, patrilinear, vertical genealogies of the Renaissance need to be expanded horizontally to construct a bilinear, cognatic picture of the family, one which will allow us access to the legal and affective ties between mothers and children in the early modern period.
Certainly, Hunters study of the importance of agnatic relationships and inheritance patterns and Swamey's examination of Cicero's legal speeches are of value in and of themselves (as are the other papers in this collection).
Sturzenhofecker (1998) links the patterns of Duna sorcery accusation to the territorial interdigitation of diverse agnatic identities that she characterises as 'internal externality' (1994: 77).
With the significant exception of a discussion of agnatic lineages and the aristocracy (pp.
This brave woman challenged both the Bedouin norm and her agnatic guardian's authority, an authority which is still dominant in Bedouin society.
In the end, rigid traditional models, above all the three-generation joint agnatic household dominated by an all-powerful father, give way to one characterized by a high degree of variety and adaptability to changing circumstances.
Allen argues that where the notion of patrilineal descent and a consequent patrivirilocal residence are present, such agnatic societies have been inhibited in their development to 'lineages or age grades led by elders, lineages or clans led by hereditary titleholders, or personal kin-based followings led by Big Men' (1984: 26).
Marriage was regulated according to a prescribed number of generations or by a system of delayed and sometimes indirect exchange--and accompanied by bride-wealth--in order to better distribute ties among the small agnatic units within the larger community (Strathern 1984; 45-6; Strathern & Strathern 1969: 141).
Much of our knowledge of Papua-New Guinean societies has arisen from these complex systems of production, with their commitment to rigid agnatic lineages, exploitation of female labour, systemic warfare and political structures of 'Big Man' domination.
In this regard Qang felt particularly entailed because he was Ulaqayi's classificatory agnatic brother.
The neophytes were now inside in a new, alternative cultural modality with what to them was a new basic allegiance: once among the men inside the enclosure, for the first time seeing the sounding kolamuth and witnessing the display of malanggan objects, they were on their way to becoming linked by agnatic ties to an unlimited constellation of men.
Now it is quite surprising to see that his loss of a soul-power was caused by his agnatic relation.
Strike and be struck with me' is the Bedouin expression of agnatic unities.