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related on the father's side

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Indeed, his taking seriously the adage 'We fight the people we marry' is much like his wholesale subscription to Mae Enga homilies about distant agnatic linkage, noted above, in connection with his emphasis on 'the spiritual bestowal of the patrilineal clan ancestor?
Men were most often bound by loyalty towards one's agnatic clan and towards one's lord in serving the state.
ultimately reinforced the landed privileges [of] Chinese patriarchs" by allowing them to gain "increasingly substantial economic advantages from their agnatic corporation as a result of the rapidly rising market value of their land," all of which was "made possible by the general development of the New Territories" after World War II (80).
In Book One's historical overview, Keddie explains how ancient tribal and agnatic (male) lineage patterns favoring male family members across the Middle East and Mediterranean regions formed the material basis for patriarchal practices and beliefs that pre-date the dawn of Islam.
The Bill's key recommendation can be summarised very briefly: namely, to change our royal succession from agnatic to cognatic primogeniture, which, I venture to suggest, most Post readers would probably agree with.
As Jay so aptly concluded "In all of them (patrilineal societies), not physiological paternity, but an eternal agnatic (a one sided tracing of ancestors) principle maintained by sacrifice, transcends individual mortality and transitory relatedness through women, prevents social chaos and gives enduring continuity to their (men's) social world.
He grants that the feudal regime expanded significantly in the early fourteenth century, but the agnatic model continued to remain the exception, not the rule, and very few families--the Ventimiglia, the Chiaramonte, and the Alagona are the well-known exceptions--were able to maintain their wealth for more than three generations.
Factors such as marital bonds and client-patron relations thus proved as important as the as the agnatic and patrilineal order that anthropologists had used to predict social activity.
Agnatic sociospatial principles (domiciliary clustering based on father-child relationships) were also prevalent among many of these groups.
Hindu women's inheritance in tenancy land thus depends on state-level tenurial laws, which in most northwestern states specify an order of devolution that strongly favors male agnatic heirs.
Thus despite Communist efforts to weaken agnatic solidarity, patrilineal kinship remained a critical arena of local politics throughout the Mao and Deng periods.
The new social mobility of the poor brought forth crime in the cities and simultaneously broke up the old agnatic bonds of community that had enabled the tight community policing regimes of the oeconomic past.
coexist side by side, a function not of the wishes and power of particular men, but of the sexual division of labor and a social system structured by the primacy of agnatic bonds (those between male and female paternal kin) and the authority of senior kinsmen, and maintained by individuals whose attitudes and actions are guided by a shared moral ideology (Abu-Lughod 1985: 649-650).