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related on the father's side

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Critical Thinking: What do you think are some positives and negatives of the Agnatic Seniority Principle, practiced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
In the backdrop of agnatic rivalry between Mahsuds and Wazirs, Mulla Noor Muhammad emerged as another powerful religious leader.
What interested Smith was how, under such demographic strain, a localized "mating" system fostered "the most clearly organised family structure in this culture area" (Smith 1962:5)--one which extended beyond the household to form Carriacou "bloods" or agnatic lineages.
Interestingly, and while Saudi Arabia is anxious to enhance its institutionalisation process, the kingdom's agnatic succession pattern, which will end when the founder's surviving sons all pass away, proves remarkably stable.
Four inshore fishermen, along with their agnatic kin, successfully applied for government loans, subsidies, and bounties to finance the construction of their longliners (McCay, 1976: 80).
She is however, highly restricted to her deceased husband's agnatic brothers to ensure the security of her children and to sustain the relationship created through procreation.
And, according to Anton Blok, the agnatic or affinal "family" that one is born or marries into must always be subordinated to the ritualized "Family" into which the Mafioso enters through a symbolic ritual.
Culturally, she notes, the Hmong are divided into agnatic kinship groups of patrilineal clans, sub-clans, and lineage groups.
The principle of succession laid down by Ibn Saud was one of agnatic seniority, with added condition of fitness to rule.
Illness thus ties a person into specifically disturbed cosmological relations, be they with closely related spirits like those of the agnatic dead, or less sociable ones like those of the ground, the sky, or of those who died a violent death.
34) moreover that the people listed in Ezra 2 as having returned under Zerubbabel are not the descendents of those who left, since "it is at odds with the fact that of the seventeen lay agnatic units listed in Ezra 2:3-19 ...
At the same time, the society was restructuring itself into groups based on agnatic lineage.
In a society as agnatic as the Shona society, the proverb reminds individuals that kinship does not begin and end on the father's side, but that, and more importantly so, it extends to the mother's.
In general, communal characteristics, such as concern for others, nurturing, and sympathy, are usually attributed to women, whereas agnatic attributes such as aggression, dominance, and independence, are typically ascribed to men (Chemers, 1997).
For purposes of the referendum in sub-Article (1) above, a Southern Sudanese is: (a) any person whose either parent or grandparent is or was a member of any of the indigenous communities existing in Southern Sudan before or on January 1, 1956; or whose ancestry can be traced through agnatic or male line to any one of the ethnic communities of Southern Sudan as in Schedule G herein; or (b) any person who has been permanently residing or whose mother and/or father or any grandparent have been permanently residing in Southern Sudan as of January 1, 1956 [Article (9)(3)].