congenital disorder

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This is shown in studies conducted in mouse embryos, where expression of BMP-4 and their antagonists was blocked presenting cell death of mesenchymal cells of the mandibular base causing agnathia (9,40).
This lack of growth is based on the dose, going from a range of hypoplasia, micrognathia through agnathia (Figure 3).
Therefore this could explain the presence of the different phenotypes according to the dose of signaling and these can range from hypertrophy and / or mandibular hypoplasia, through the micrognathism, up to the total lack of formation of the jaw called agnathia.
A long surviving case of holoprosencephaly agnathia series.
The morphological abnormalities include microphthalmia, cryptophthalmia, open eyelids, micrognathia, agnathia, micromelia, clinodactyly, syndactyly, subcutaneous hemorrhages and kinky tail.