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The diverse agnathan and fish remains include the psammosteids Pycnosteus tuberculatus (Rohon), Pycnosteus sp.
As a rule, articulated skeletons or shields of other agnathans are not found on the same bedding plane with P.
Eurypterids, lingulids, and agnathans were common in the lagoon with dolomitic mud sedimentation.
These agnathans lived widely in the sea, but their intact exoskeletons were buried where they died.
According to him, no real sensory line canal or groove was visible on the outer surface, but the row of foramina might have affected the conditions of a pit-line and could be the homologue of the ventral longitudinal sensory line of some agnathans (Janvier 1978, p.
Gross (1947) studied fish microremains from the erratic boulders of the North German Lowland, among other agnathans and fishes also Strosipherus indentatus.
In the last handbook on early agnathans and fishes (Novitskaya 2004), Oniscolepis was shortly discussed in the section on the order Tesseraspidiformes Halstead, family Tesseraspididae Berg, which contained two genera, Tesseraspis and ?
dentata and compare them with those of other tessellated agnathan taxa.