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The list of agnathans of the Himmiste Beds in the Himmiste-Kuigu quarry contains thelodonts Thelodus laevis (Pander), T.
As a rule, articulated skeletons or shields of other agnathans are not found on the same bedding plane with P.
Eurypterids, lingulids, and agnathans were common in the lagoon with dolomitic mud sedimentation.
The fossil fishes that have so far been used for distinguishing zones are agnathans, placoderms and acanthodians (e.
A new agnathan from the Lower Devonian of Arctic Canada, and a review of the tessellated heterostracans.
Gross (1947) studied fish microremains from the erratic boulders of the North German Lowland, among other agnathans and fishes also Strosipherus indentatus.
In the last handbook on early agnathans and fishes (Novitskaya 2004), Oniscolepis was shortly discussed in the section on the order Tesseraspidiformes Halstead, family Tesseraspididae Berg, which contained two genera, Tesseraspis and ?
1931), produced additional specimens, exhausting the quarry; in recent decades, no articulated agnathans have been found apart from a few shields of Tremataspis mammillata Patten and Dartmuthia gemmifera Patten.
Silurian-Devonian vertebrate dominated communities, with particular references to agnathans.