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Synonyms for agnate

connected by or as if by kinship or common origin

Synonyms for agnate

one related on the father's side

related on the father's side

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Agnates, verb classes and the meaning of construals.
Meanwhile, the corporation secretly hires elite mercenaries to recover its "lost products." If it became known that the "vegetative" agnates are really living human beings, the corporation would be out of business.
Only 87 of these are Yatavo agnates. Nauti village is in growth mode such that at least seven daughters who married between 1960 and 1980 brought their husbands to Nauti and raised their families patrilocally.
An agnate is one whose relation to the deceased is traced without female intervention.
At the same time, the guardian offers the bride in marriage by a fixed verbal formula which transfers the responsibility for protecting the bride and seeing to all her needs from him (as her agnate) to the groom.
Symbolically, a dead brother is the death of self in any context (as expressed, f or example in the laments or the self-mutilation by severing finger segments upon the death of a close agnate).
While land was inherited patrilineally and usually by males, a woman could be given land by an agnate (her father, usually).
(1985b) 'Who worships whom: agnates and ancestors among the Nguni', African Studies 44 (1): 47-64.
(1) The murderer who commits this crime is usually one of the girl's or woman's family members like her brother, father, or a combination of male agnates. (2) The murderer commits this crime to restore the family's social reputation.
The same Pusanweh has also said the following: if a man sets up 1000 altars in the (very) place where there was an idol shrine--the idols having been destroyed ("dug out") of there by a judge--without appointing a particular person from among his agnates as the guardian over these altars, then the man who has set up a Warahran Fire should be considered the guardian of these altars.
In sum, Trinh Cuong was dependent on the support of the Red River delta, and very wary of his agnates and of the Thanh-Nghe commanders; this caution led to a programme of enlisting soldiers from the delta and reinforcing supervision of the military.
Transforming Women into 'Pure' Agnates: Aspects of Female Infibulation in Somalia.
The system was reinforced by patrilineages or "bloods" that enabled resident agnates to keep an eye on such wives, referred to as "grass widows" while their husbands were abroad.
Having had an affair with a Hindu, they are excluded from Santal society and declared dead in their village where their agnates perform a mock funeral.