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a group of compounds derived from monosaccharides

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Hence an attempt was made to determine the effect of stevioside and its aglycone metabolite, steviol on diabetic induced L6 and 3T3-L1 cells.
Wines made from the hybrid grapes were characterized by a relatively higher concentration of glycosides; wines from 'Shiraz' and 'Cabernet Sauvignon', in turn, contained more flavonol aglycones (Table 1).
Apart from the diversity in the aglycone structures between quillaja, tea and yucca saponins, the difference in sugar moiety among such sources may also explain their distinct activities (Wina et al.
2019 144, 232 (a) Potential in-source-fragmentation of the glucuronidated metabolite because only the mass of the aglycone was found.
The readily more absorbable aglycone is because of this reason, usually considered responsible for most of the associated activities with the orally administered saponins.
5 Hz, 1H), indicative to the attachment of glucose residue to C-3 of the aglycone.
The fact that flavonol glycosides are not quantified directly, but instead calculated based on the aglycone content after hydrolysis, means that adulteration with flavonol aglycones may not be detectable using the current pharmacopoeial methods.
Secoiridoids, like aglycone derivatives of oleuropein, demethyloleuropein and ligstroside, are present in olive fruit as most abundant VOO phenolic antioxidants.
GalG2CNP requires no auxiliary enzymes and is cleaved only at the aglycone bond by amylase.
Interactions between anthocyanins and non-anthocyanin-polyphenolics in both their glycosidic and their aglycone forms were also investigated to determine additive or nonadditive responses.
2); oleuropein (III); and the aglycone of ligstroside (II).
It could be deduced that the flavonoid glycoside transformed into flavonoid aglycone by hydrolysis during the sulfur-fumigation processing.
picroetoposide and the aglycone, are for purely structural reasons not expected to react positively in the assay.
Genipin, the aglycone of geniposide, exhibits its acute anti-inflammatory activity through a reduction of NO production, as well as its preventive effect of hippocampal neurons from amyloid protein toxicity have also been reported (Koo et al.
Among these peaks, phenolic acids and flavonoids aglycone containing 12 peaks also appeared in the MS spectra of Flos Lonicerae extract, indicating that these components may be absorbed into the rat plasma in the original form.