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a group of compounds derived from monosaccharides

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It was found that [beta]-glucosidase-producing LAB strains exhibited a higher degree of [beta]-glucosidase activity and significantly higher aglycone isoflavone content.
(22) Moreover, a peak at [R.sub.t]=73.3 showed a deprotonated ion [[M-H].sup.-] at m/z 463 and [MS.sup.n] ions at m/z 301 due to loss of glucose moiety (-m/z 162) and equivalent to quercetin aglycone moiety.
Flavonoid glycosides hydrolyzed to aglycone forms by a broad-specific [beta]-glucosidase enzyme (BS[beta]G) in enterocytes.
Notable secoiridoids in olives include oleuropein, ligstroside, and dimethyl oleuropein, as well as their phenolic derivatives and hydrolysis products, which include oleuropein aglycone, ligstroside aglycone, oleacein, and oleocanthal [25], compounds that are either known to be bitter or are considered likely bitter [27].
In our results, luteolin-7-O-[beta]-D-glucoside (2) (monoglycosylation) showed to be higher than luteolin (10) (aglycone) on RLAR.
The GUSB substrate was analogous to that for NAGLU in the composition of the aglycone but differed from it by being a [beta]-glucoside and having a [C.sub.4] secondary amide (Fig.
Niu et al., "Mangiferin and its aglycone, norathyriol, improve glucose metabolism by activation of AMP-activated protein kinase," Pharmaceutical Biology, vol.
These fragment ions suggested that the aglycone is apigenin (270) substituted with two hexose (162+ 162).
Icaritin is the common aglycone with many biological effects, especially antiosteoporosis activities [5, 7].
Epidoxorubicin hydrochloride (EP) is the most commonly used anthracycline antitumor antibiotic consisting of a tetracyclic quinolid aglycone connected by a glycoside bond with an amino sugar--L-acosamine.
These results demonstrate that SM extract is absorbed and rapidly enters the circulatory system as apigenin, which is the aglycone of flavone glycosides.
Molecule of saponin consists of the carbohydrate part and the aglycone, which is termed sapogenin.
Regarding compound (13), the [sup.13]C NMR spectrum (Table 1) exhibited one carbonyl carbon signal at [delta] 168.28, two sp2 carbon signals at [delta]: 146.50, 114.99, nine methines, nine quaternary aromatic carbon signals, six oxygenated carbon signals due to the sugar moiety along with the aliphatic signals at [delta] 86.99, 86.41, 55.04, 54.80, 71.99 and 71.96 belonging to the aglycone moiety.