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Synonyms for aglow

softly bright or radiant

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On its website, Aglow makes clear that its "mandate" for supporting Israel politically grew out of a global charismatic Christian prayer movement and what it claims are biblical prophecies of Israel's role in setting the stage for the Second Coming.
When Aglow Dermatology reaches 1,500 likes on Facebook, a $1500 scholarship opportunity will be unlocked for eligible students.
In the new photos his forehead is perfectly smooth, his cheeks aglow and those deep lines that once characterized his handsome (to some) face are now gone with the Baltic wind.
A trip to Barry Island and the Punch and Judy show when we went to the beach our faces all aglow.
We are honored to receive the Best in Craft Award from AGLOW and be recognized for our work," said Kevin Howard, president of Howard Communications Inc.
And we have Michelle, Malia and Sasha in the White House, which is aglow with their beautiful smiles.
The science projects are presented and judged at the Science Aglow event held twice a year at Pembrokeshire College.
Somewhere in that range is room for a man who risks looking bad on two injured legs and winds up hitting a home run that sets a town aglow in red brake lights.
The star's outburst has set aglow a never-before-seen array of dust eddies, shells, and spirals--a cosmic portrait reminiscent of the whirling patterns of Van Gogh's "Starry Night.
but then, I suppose, that is what makes Firmin a rat, after all, and the men in the dark theatre gaping alongside him, eyes aglow, rather rat-like, too.
Still aglow from its passage of landmark health care reform, Beacon Hill turns toward the summer months with a three-way Democratic primary for governor simmering.
In 1890, he published a little book entitled Jesus of Nazareth, which was aglow with his love of Christ and served as a devotional guide, as well as a scholarly study of Jesus.
Chris Pfahler, rookie chair for the New College Library Association event, was aglow, and not just from the auction success-she's expecting a special present in nine months.
Setting the St Petersburg aglow, the Symphony No 2 in E minor rose majestically from its slow melancholic opening to fulfil its promise of a great romantic journey.