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softly bright or radiant

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The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography: Photographing Newborns, Babies, Children and Families provides a fine collection of some 100 ideas for posing children and infants individually and with families and siblings, and is a pick for any aspiring professional's collection.
At the 2013 AIF'AC policy conference, Sandy Wezowicz, the Israel Education Director for the worldwide Christian organization Aglow, told the audience, "I spend most of my energy and waking moments thinking about, praying about, and teaching about Israel." What Wezowicz didn't say is that Aglow is a partner of Revive Israel and Tikkun Ministries and shares their vision that the role of both Christians and Jewish believers in Jesus is to take dominion or possession of the earth in Jesus' name.
This enjoyable if violent tale was partly filmed in the my native Teesside and the sight of cooling towers aglow in the evening smog made me feel quite homesick.
"Just stepping through the French doors onto a private terrace aglow with southern light and taking in the views of the Freedom Tower is magical."
Les Jones, head of community safety, said: "It's lovely to see Christmas lights aglow, but treat them with respect or they could cause a fire.
Try Waffle Throne for the contemplative, Aglow for some lush harmonies,and Bat Country for both the calm and the storm.
The skies around Sakhir airbase were aglow with red.
for sleeveless dresses!) the shoulders of women, pale moons aglow above
A trip to Barry Island and the Punch and Judy show when we went to the beach our faces all aglow.
The large strings of snowflake and bauble lights were all still there and aglow; while it looked lovely, perhaps someone should tell them Christmas was almost a month ago.
The Association of Great Lake Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) presented Howard Communications Inc.
Down: 1 Smack; 2 Frame; 3 Aglow; 4 Sleeve; 6 Decorate; 7 Exercise; 12 Relative; 13 On and off; 14 Rot; 15 Fly; 19 Rankle; 21 Shame; 22 Swine; 23 Pylon.
And we have Michelle, Malia and Sasha in the White House, which is aglow with their beautiful smiles.
When he stepped out for fresh air that evening, Adams found the streets aglow. Except for "a few surly houses," every residence had a candle burning in the window.
The science projects are presented and judged at the Science Aglow event held twice a year at Pembrokeshire College.