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Synonyms for aglet

metal or plastic sheath over the end of a shoelace or ribbon

ornamental tagged cord or braid on the shoulder of a uniform

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Our system consists of several agents that cooperate to meet the service demands of user, we distinguish: The interface agent, the mediator agent, analyzer agent, transfer agent and security agent task manager agent and executor agent The agents in our system are implemented using the Java [11] language and development platform Aglets [12].
The Aglet Repair Tool is also in patent pending status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
We provide an overview a few commercial mobile agent systems, such as Telescript, IBM Aglets, and Concordia, and a few academic systems, such as Agent Tcl, TACOMA and Mole.
AgentTcl (developed at Dartmouth Colleage) [Gray 1995], Odyssey (developed by General Magic) [General Magic 1997], and Aglets (developed by IBM) [IBM 1997] are examples of language tools that can be used to develop mobile objects.
The life cycle of an Aglet starts with its creation or its cloning.
The evening was opened by Duo Tapes followed by Dan Hewitt who played songs from is EP, Nothing Serious, Rogue Aglets a funk band who play regularly at the Cask Bar Open Mics.
For aglets, I cut a triangle out of the felted sweater, glued it wrapping it around petersham, and then coated it with texture paste and faux rivets.
The all-important drawstring is dyed to match the hoodie's color, fitted with bronze-colored metal aglets, then pulled through matching grommets.
(2,3) Telomeres are the terminal part of chromosomes (similar to the plastic aglets of shoelaces), which are known to shorten with each cell division because of "end replication losses." Telomeres are measured in lymphocytes, which researchers regard as "windows to the brain" because they reflect brain aging.
They work like plastic aglets on shoelaces, preventing chromosomes from fraying and getting chewed up.
There is more and more and more on this ball in this void spinning in this baking heat all encompassed in aglets of time.
Thirteen lace chapes (also known as aglets or aiglets), one with tiny remnants of lace still inside the tube, together with fragments of garments with eyelets indicate their use as fastening strings.
Mitsuru, Programming and Deploying Java Mobile Agents Aglets, Addison-Wesley Longman, Reading, Mass, USA, 1998.
Telomeres--DNA protein caps at the ends of chromosomes--have been compared with the plastic and metal sheaths, or aglets, at the ends of shoelaces.