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bright with a steady but subdued shining

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"That tells you a little something about Joe's integrity," Osborne adds, his eyes agleam. "Do you know how few playwrights would respond that way?
By day it's a grey sprawl, but by night it's a black backdrop drenched with diamonds, every light agleam in every window and the bright corporate neon adding a splash of colour.
Developer Daniel Kodsi aimed as high as couture fashion designers in his vision of a glimmering Miami skyline agleam with luxury condo towers.
A tiny brown child sitting all alone beside an aeroplane agleam on a vast plain, mountain-ringed--the picture remains as a symbol of the New Australia that is forming, slowly but surely ...
She glimpses something more, not behind but within the epiphenomena: yet breathing those fumes, walking the thronged pavements among crippled lives, jackhammers raging, a parking lot painfully agleam in the May sun, I have seen not behind but within, within the dull grief, blown grit, hideous concrete facades, another grief, a gleam as of dew, an abode of mercy, have heard not behind but within noise a humming that drifted into a quiet smile.
Before us stretched the vast expanse of Lake Ontario, agleam in the moonlight, the swish of the waves sounding like giant inhalations and exhalations.
Yet even while few yellow brick political roads end at cities agleam with emeralds and good men, the journey down none of them begins until the first step and each thereafter is launched by hope.
The second half of the poem in this 1948 typescript version clearly associates her paternal grandfather, Oliver Dunn, with specifically named Church saints (at this time the poem is entitled "To Oliver Milo Dunn"): My [F]<begin strike through>f<end strike through>ather's house, Its aisles agleam with candles Lit for humble shades, Is starry with a vernal frost, And brimming with the sound of prayer: Its aisles, like stone-wreathed paths Along a sacred wood, Invoking, as the autumn fades Into November's drear, A memory of the graves Of the forgotten good.
Few imagine that beneath Geneva's iconic 'Jet d'Eau' water fountain there is a ship-shape pump room painted in primary colours and agleam with polished metal.
He was tightly wired, wet-black nostrils working and walnut eyes agleam in the morning sunshine.
There were some, though, shouldering umbrellas where rifles once rested, medals agleam on a dull November day, who were too pained to parade and too proud to be pushed on wheels.
Always alluring Abundant arbors ablaze and abloom Aspen aspects abound An abiding Arcadia Admired and acclaimed Ageless An auric and argent aspect Agleam amidst an agrarian allegory Art and artifice astound and accentuate Attentive and accepting Aggrandized and admired Ah-Albany awaits!
Showing less than half his face, the image is effectively a close-up of his right eye, agleam as its gaze is drawn to the distance.
Lest we wonder what any of this has to do with us, Robbins opens with a newsreel about Hitler's anti-decadent-art campaign (listening up, congressional Republicans?) and closes with a shot of Times Square today, all agleam with-corporate billboards.
That book and I loved each other, and I don't mean just its text: that book, which then was new, its cover slick and shiny, its paper agleam with the tossing sea and armed, as Long John Silver was, for a fight, its binding tight as the elastic of new underwear, not slack as it is now, after so many openings and closings, so many dry years; that book would be borne off to my room, where it lived through my high school miseries in a dime-store bookcase, and it would accompany me to college too, and be packed in the duffel bag I carried as a sailor.