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political propaganda (especially communist propaganda) communicated via art and literature and cinema

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The 30-year long occupation of Azerbaijani lands, which began with demonstrations of enraged crowd, worked up by the Armenian agitprop machine, putting the ideas of "long-sufferance" and "due revenge" into the heads of their people for decades, is out of sight of such scribblers.
The Communist Party always maintains tight control over the tone and content of the agitprop spewed by the front organizations.
Pese a esto, artistas de los colectivos Agitprop, Cog.
After a gallery devoted to the origins of punk, which includes a facsimile of the CBGB bathroom in New York and "Clothes for Heroes," a reconstruction of Westwood's store at 430 King's Road, London, the exhibition presents videos and clothed mannequins that recount the story in four parts: "Hardware," "Bricolage," "Graffiti & Agitprop," and "Destroy.
Bronner's Magic Soaps, family-owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America and advocate for sustainable agriculture, has created a special agitprop label for its quart-size liquid soaps in support of GMO labeling and [he Washington state voter initiative to label CMOs, Yes on 1-522 "The Washington Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
Chapter One begins with a survey of Soviet agitprop itself, focusing on the capacity of the system as well as its strict centralization and regimentation.
The next two chapters more onto perhaps better-known ground in Canadian theatre history when they pick up on the development of agitprop and the radical leftist theatres of the 1930s.
What is different about it is that the Azerbaijani agitprop tried to distort all this for a long period of time and drive a wedge
The vacuous agitprop mobs who march for the abstraction of "social justice" don't live among those for whose rights they agitate.
While Taru Dalmia will set the mood right with his groovy hip hop & reggae tunes, India's first ska/rocksteady band Ska-vengers will play avant-garde agitprop dance music.
While I, like many others, believe that much arts money is wasted on minority, elitist or liberal left agitprop, etc, the "there''s no money" argument is completely and utterly fallacious.
This is what the communist Agitprop has been clearly doing over the past weeks, absurdly backed by the PP which, in its attempts to target the socialist government, has overstepped the boundaries of political common sense," wrote Spanish paper "El Mundo" quoting Luis Maria Anson.
It is the most didactic and openly agitprop work in the collection.
In an endorsement on the Sinking Neptune website, he links Optative to the agitprop workers' theatre of the 1930s and to the Mummers Troupe in the 1970s.
Unfortunately, Macedonia's president Gjorge Ivanov became part of this agitprop party propaganda.